12 December 2015

Philips Luminous Patterns add panache to offices

Two ladies sit in front of a wall illuminated by Philips Luminous Patterns.
Source: Philips. Philips Luminous Patterns decorate a wall.

Royal Philips, the lighting provider, has launched Luminous Patterns, a programmable connected LED lighting system that can help architects and designers create a striking visual statement using a unique combination of light, patterns and materials. 

Philips Luminous Patterns are decorative panels which consume little energy and are ideal for a wide range of interiors, including bars, restaurants, retail stores, hotels and office lobbies. Architects and designers can use them to create signature lighting design installations.

An entire installation could use approximately the same amount of energy as a traditional 60-watt bulb. Once installed, the system is controlled via a central control system. Each light point is controlled separately, meaning all of the points in a wall or ceiling can be programmed to create dynamic lighting effects.
Source: Philips. A closer look at a Philips Luminous Patterns wall which has a 3D graphics effect.

“These embedded LED light patterns bring brilliance, warmth and sparkle into traditionally ‘mute’ architectural surfaces,” said Brad Koerner, Venture Manager Luminous Patterns at Philips Lighting. “Designers have until now felt that integrating lighting features in architectural surfaces have been difficult to specify, costly to manufacture, and risky to install. With Philips Luminous Patterns, designers can now embed innovative and eye-catching lighting features into their designs in a straightforward and cost-effective manner.”


The customisable light patterns are available in a broad range of lighting styles and textures that can be freely placed within custom-sized panels finished in a range of decorative coatings and in the graphic prints of choice. Customers can choose from four light effects: 3D Graphics (video), 2D Graphics (video), Round Sparkle (video), and Linear Sparkle (video). Production is based on a custom-order basis within the parameters of a standard configuration kit, enabling a simple and straightforward process from order to installation.