16 January 2016

Leadership workshops with a difference from Flight Experience Singapore and McGallen & Bolden

Source: McGallen & Bolden.

Flight Experience Singapore, Singapore’s first real flight simulator for the public in Asia, invites companies to organise leadership workshops at its premises in conjunction with consultancy McGallen & Bolden.

The Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet programme, targeting business leaders and executives, shares leadership concepts in an authentic cockpit environment. The four-hour customised training workshop features content derived from decades of aviation experience earned by Captain Michael Caston, who has piloted Boeing 747 and 737 jets for British Airways and Singapore Airlines and is a current air transport pilot license (ATPL) instructor at Cannes Aviation. The workshop is facilitated by Dr Seamus Phan, Head of Training, McGallen & Bolden.

“It all started when I became attracted to Flight Experience’s B737NG flight simulator, providing a realistic pilot experience for non-pilots, and subsequently took up the entire learning programme of License 1, Preflight Endorsement, and License 2 under Captain Caston’s team of pilot instructors,” says Phan. 

"A conversation with Captain Caston somehow started the idea that business executives and human resource development professionals are always looking for cutting-edge and powerful training and leadership development methods to up the ante for leaders and line managers managing and sustaining businesses in a tough economic climate. This unique flight simulator coupled with a facilitated programme seems like a perfect fit, especially with Captain Caston who is a 40-year aviation veteran with many real-world scenarios to share.”

The workshop extracts key learning points from aviation procedures and wisdom, and converges them with relevant business scenarios in communication, crisis management, standard operating procedures, partnerships, collaboration, competitive analysis, market conditions, and timing. Unlike traditional classroom training, or simple role-plays, Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet provides the participants the opportunity to experience an authentic commercial jet simulator, to equate takeoff, autopilot, crisis recovery, and landing procedures with parallel business processes and methods.

“Effective leadership skills are vital in commercial aviation and only come with dedicated training and experience. Other industries are looking at the discipline and education used by airlines. For example, the medical profession has already adopted crew resource management (CRM) skills into their training programmes and the results are showing a marked reduction in miscommunication and errors,” says Captain Caston. 

“It’s a great pleasure to partner with Seamus Phan and merging our experience and knowledge together to launch this exciting initiative here in Singapore. Our shared background means that we can offer a unique learning experience that is relevant and interactive, providing applicable and important leadership and communication tools for business executives in a challenging and ever changing environment. The use of aviation standards and the flight simulator offers an amazing opportunity for our learning partners to build real skills that can translate and enhance every day business situations and opportunities.”


Each workshop is conducted at Flight Experience Singapore, located at Singapore Flyer, 30 Raffles Avenue, #02-06, Singapore 039803.

The program combines briefings, flight simulation sessions for the participants with common aviation and problem-solving scenarios, an integrative discussion to acquaint the participants with how aviation best practices can parallel situations and conditions business leaders face every day, and a question and answer session.

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