29 January 2016

Merchantrade Asia rolls out e-remit online money transfer service

Girl using a laptop.
Source: e-remit website.

Merchantrade Asia, the largest non-bank remittance service provider in Malaysia, has launched the e-remit secure online money transfer service. The remittance service currently serves Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka through an online portal.

E-remit aims to offer very good exchange rates with low service charges for its customers, with a delivery time of one working day depending on the country, making them at par with global competitors. 

The service only requires a one-time verification of users at any one of its 70 branches after a quick signup process. Merchantrade also provides complimentary door-to-door verification in the Klang Valley area for customers who do not have the time to travel to Merchantrade’s branches. Customers will only need to make an appointment and Merchantrade’s personnel will provide a prompt visit at customer’s home, working place or a preferred location. 

E-remit’s transactions occur over secure SSL connections as well as firewalls with advanced security systems. In addition, the website is certified by VeriSign Secure Seal and supported by Financial Process Change (MEPS-FPX) and the International Association of Money Transfer Networks

E-remit will soon be complemented by a mobile app, the company said.