20 January 2016

OWC launches its highest capacity 2.5" solid state drive ever

OWC, a zero emissions Mac and PC technology company whose products are available in Australia, the Philippines and Singapore, today announced the all-new Mercury Electra MAX 6G 2.0TB SSD, the highest capacity 2.5” solid state drive ever offered by OWC. The new drive combines a large capacity with the performance and reliability of the OWC Mercury SSD lineup.

The new OWC Mercury Electra MAX 6G SSD has a blue chassis and is OWC's largest capacity SSD yet.
Source: OWC. The 2.0TB Mercury Electra MAX 6G SSD. 

The 2.0TB Mercury Electra MAX 6G SSD features SATA 3.0 6G speeds of up to 490MBps on sequential reads, with write performance up to 471 MBps. It is fully compatible with SATA 2.0 (3G) and SATA (1.5G).

Utilising advanced controller technologies along with 7% over-provisioning; the Mercury Electra MAX 6G 2.0TB SSD provides RAID-like data protection and reliability without sacrificing performance. Global wear levelling algorithms automatically distribute data evenly, maximising the SSD lifespan. The StaticDataRefresh feature manages free space efficiently and safely, preventing data corruption while Hardware Error-Correcting Code corrects errors as they occur for superior data retention. The drive also supports 128/256-bit-AES full-disk encryption, and comes with a three-year OWC SSD limited warranty.

"The Mercury Electra MAX 6G 2.0TB SSD was designed from the ground up for heavy-duty use," said Larry O'Connor, Founder and CEO, OWC. "Our benchmark testing yielded impressive results, but the Electra MAX truly shines when performance matters most, especially in real-world content creation applications."


Shipping this January, the Mercury Electra MAX 6G 2.0TB SSD will be available at OWC authorised resellers and MacSales.com. The manufacturers' suggested retail price is US$799.99 with street pricing from under US$700.