7 February 2016

Digi's Chinese new year promotion focuses on family and tradition

Source: Digi website. Family reunion picture with papercut monkeys.
Source: Digi website.
Chinese new year is often the only time in a year when many Chinese see distant relatives, and Malaysian telco Digi is banking on that to run a new year promotion that could reach many eyeballs the world over.

Digi is running a promotion to bring back more precise family titles for Chinese families in an age where relatives outside the immediate family are simply called 'aunty', 'uncle' and 'cousin'. In Chinese, maternal and paternal relatives are differentiated by different titles. There are also different terms used if the person is younger or older than the individual or the individual's parents. Things become convoluted in large families where the youngest children in one generation may be younger than the oldest grandchildren two generations away.

"May you always find the right words to bring your family joy," says Digi to subscribers on its kakilang (own people) website. The company has a quick video as well as a cheat sheet for those who want to know that their paternal uncle who is younger than their father should be greeted as shushu(叔叔) while their maternal aunt who is older than their mother should really be greeted as yima (姨妈).


Save the cheat sheet or view the associated video
Digi is also running a related contest on Facebook that ends 22 February