16 February 2016

INVADE wants to matchmake landlords and retailers in Singapore

INVADE, Singapore’s first real-time retail space booking system, has gone live. The platform allows online matching and booking of retail space requirements in real-time. More than 35,000 retail businesses, startups and entrepreneurs are already INVADE members.

INVADE is the brainchild of two Singaporeans – Koh Cheng Guan and Kent Teo, who have worked with major landlords, marketed pop-up and retail spaces as well as organised flea market events in the past. The two discovered that entrepreneurs spend a lot of time looking for appropriate retail spaces, while landlords want to fill underutilised space, driving the need for a match-making service.

INVADE aims to bridge the gap by simplifying the process of publicising an available space and of paying for it. Spaces can range from shelves and tables to booth space at a flea market to traditional shop spaces. Entrepreneurs go through a four-step process: browse, compare, pay, start to start selling products, while landlords have the three-step process of list, consider tenants, receive payment. 

Transactions can be completed within minutes, the company said. The founders also found that there are far fewer locally-made products and brands in Singapore compared to home-grown equivalents in other countries, and believe that INVADE will help local brands get more exposure.

INVADE’s Co-Founder and Strategic Marketing Manager Koh Cheng Guan said, “INVADE provides an efficient, secure and transparent way for businesses to search and list spaces. It also allows our local entrepreneurs and home-grown products an opportunity to compete with top retail brands in prominent spaces.”

“Retailers are able to book spaces based on their business model and needs, all under one site,” added Kent Teo, INVADE’s Co-Founder and Business Development Manager. 


List space. A 10% booking fee applies
Organise an event, rent or buy space. A description of the business and visuals of the merchandise to be sold may be required.