28 March 2016

New food launches ideal for office pantries

Looking for something new for the office pantry? New introductions which can be seen at FoodAsia2016 will showcase a range of home-grown companies with first-of-a-kind creations as part of the Singapore Pavilion led by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

Masarang sugar is used in the preparation of these ginger syrup tangyuan. The sugar is a deep brown and can be seen in the bowl to the left.
Masarang Forest Sugar from Straits Wholefoods is a low-glycemic, organic sugar wild-harvested from Sulawesi rainforests. The sugar is derived from the sap of male flowers from the wild Arenga Pinnata tree, which has deep roots and prevents soil erosion. The sugar is crystallised through evaporation with geothermal heat, making it particularly ecofriendly as there is no carbon contamination that comes from the burning of wood fuel. The sugar comes from the Masarang Foundation, which aims to save rainforests and wildlife in Asia. The sugar is said to have a creamy caramel taste that enhances foods and beverages (Editor's note: The sugar has a subtle fragrance that will definitely add a hint of depth to coffees and teas). Straits Wholefoods says it particularly excels in baking, imparting a tempting fragrance to cakes and desserts.  Nutritionally, Masarang Sugar is outstanding with a mineral and nutrient profile that is superior than conventional sugar. Masarang Sugar is certified organic by the USDA and European Union. 

Thong Siek Food Industries has come up with a canned version of otah which just happens to be delicious.
Fischeon is a halal, fish-based take on what is popularly known as luncheon meat in Singapore, and spam in the west. The newest Fischeon member is otah flavoured. Traditional otah is fish meat mixed with spices and tapioca flour, wrapped in banana leaves and and grilled over a charcoal fire. The canned version can be eaten straight out of the can or fried, just like normal otah (Editor's note: both fried and ready-to-eat versions have the otah texture, but the ready-to-eat version retains the lemongrass fragrance much better). The plate of nasi lemak to the bottom left features two slices of fried Fischeon otah and a slice of ready-to-eat Fischeon otah in between them. Fischeon comes from Thong Siek Food Industries, which also manufactures the DoDo brand of prepared foods.

FoodAsia, a specialised exhibition dedicated to food and drink, is a part of Food&HotelAsia (FHA), a biennial trade event for the food and hospitality industry in Singapore. Foods featured at the show are likely to be on retail shelves soon after the event.

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