24 March 2016

Tableau 9.3 brings faster data analysis, more cloud benefits

Tableau Software has released an incremental update to its Tableau visualisation software. New in the 9.3 update include an ‘always connected’ Tableau Desktop, direct connectivity to the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, and improved global map coverage.

“With the all-new Tableau 9.3, people will immediately notice how sharing and collaboration have become such central features in the application,” said JY Pook, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Tableau. “The ‘always connected’ feature means it’s easier to share while staying in the flow of your analysis – this is crucial for our region that is becoming more digitised and ‘smarter’ across the board."

Tableau has added connectors to Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, a cloud data warehouse that provides a flexible, inexpensive way to store and manage data. “Giving our Tableau users native connectivity to Snowflake means that they can perform both simple and complex exploration and analysis as fast as they can think of new questions to ask,” said Raphy Mathias, Director of Business Intelligence at Research Now, a consultancy with offices in Singapore. “Not needing to think about configuring, tuning, and managing a data warehouse means they can focus on using data.”

Dr Koh Noi Sian, Lecturer at the School of Information Technology at Nanyang Polytechnic, commented: “Increasingly, our students are getting more confident and skilled in data analytics, and this is mostly because Tableau Desktop has been so easy for them to use! With these new features and enhancements, such as the new ‘always connected’ Tableau Desktop and improved global map coverage, I believe that data analytics will be even faster and more fun for our students as we bring analytics into our classrooms.”