10 April 2016

Pay by-the-hour for workspace at Clarke Quay, Suntec

Coffeemin revolutionises the idea of the café with a co-working space that charges by the hour. Visitors may work, read, or play games in the space. Wi-Fi, snacks and beverages are included in the price.

A photo ID is required for entry, after which a receipt with the time of admission is provided. The receipt is used to calculate how much time has been spent when the visitor leaves. If you are planning to work alone or have a discussion for an hour or two it could well work out to the same price as going to Starbucks or a similar cafe for the same purpose. The crossover happens if you want to stay longer - it may then be cheaper to go to a traditional cafe. 

Workspaces are cheerful and comfortable.
Spaces designed for working.

PCs for visitors' use.
PCs for those who didn't bring their own.  

Books and board games galore.
Books and board games for guest use.

Games on the Xbox.
Games on the Xbox.

Snacks are included in the admission price.

Coffeemin is co-located with LockDown.sg, a reality first-person adventure gaming organiser. The games, also known as 'escape' games, require players to use critical thinking in order to solve the challenges and riddles to get to the end of the game. LockDown has created particularly elaborate game scenarios that require teamwork. Heavy use of technology makes things more challenging. 


Coffeemin has two outlets, in Clarke Quay Central and at Suntec City (near the Alive Museum). It costs S$6 per hour on weekdays and S$8 per hour on weekends. There is a daily cost of S$30 to use the space for the day, from 11am to 10pm, and frequent users can buy a membership instead.

LockDown, at the same outlets, charges S$19 per person for off-peak times, and S$22 per person for peak periods. Each game takes about an hour.

Check before visiting, however: the space can be rented for private events and may be closed on some days.

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