16 April 2016

Yahoo Mail adds to the types of content that can be added to emails

The updated Yahoo Mail app users can now send files from Google Drive or Dropbox, as well as GIFs from Tumblr when as part of their email messages. Now that users can manage multiple mailboxes from the Yahoo Mail app, the latest update helps them send emails that include content via more sources from any of their email addresses.

Source: Yahoo. Add GIFs from Tumblr to emails.
Source: Yahoo. Add GIFs
from Tumblr to emails.
When composing an email in the Yahoo Mail app, users can choose from top-trending GIFs around the world, courtesy of Tumblr. Tapping on the cloud icon in compose mode will lead to an invitation to connect Google Drive or Dropbox accounts, allowing instant access to all files in the cloud. Yahoo Mail will also surface items based on title or file contents for easier searching.

Additional features:

Preview large files instantly on iPhone and iPad, without downloading it first

Delete drafts permanently on Android

Android home screen widgets offer dynamically-updated information about the inbox: a preview, a badged icon, and a shortcut to the compose screen.


These updates to the Yahoo Mail app are available for iOS (version 4.3) and Android (version 5.4).

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