3 April 2016

Your Story Your Way is a self-published work on realising potential

Source: Hemant Bohra. Cover for Your Story Your Way.
Source: Hemant Bohra. 
Your Story Your Way by Hemant Bohra is for those starting off on their journey to success. In this real-life guide, the entrepreneur-turned-author discusses centuries-old wisdom that can help readers tap their true potential.

Hemant started his career with capital markets as an equity trader and holds more than two decades of experience across multiple sectors. He worked with Value Dialog, one of India’s earliest investor relations firms, and later co-founded Fortuna Public Relations, a pan-India communications firm. In 2015, he decided to write this book. 

According to Hemant, the heart and mind make the decisions in life. The two reason very differently, pulling the person in opposite directions. Depending on the decisions they make, people can either be the hero or the villain of their own life story. A hero moves towards success, while a villain remains mired in fear and doubt.

The stories in this book are a guide to understanding the role of the heart and the mind and finding the right balance between the two, with the help of six questions. There is no correct order to answering them, nor a single correct answer. Answers to these questions vary from person to person. In fact, the answer to the questions might also differ at different stages in life, but the questions remain the same.


The Kindle and paperback versions of the book are available on Amazon