7 May 2016

Canon introduces FleetnexG cloud-based logistics for SMEs

Canon Singapore has introduced FleetnexG, a cloud-based logistics solution that equips businesses with real-time data for tracking delivery and automated scheduling. The solution is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for whom scheduling, delivery of goods, and documentation for compliance are part of their core business operations.

“For SMEs to succeed today, they must look beyond simply fulfilling orders in a timely fashion, to optimising resources for greater efficiency and productivity,” said Vincent Low, Director & General Manager of Business Imaging Solutions, Canon Singapore. “FleetnexG combines Canon’s knowhow in document imaging technology with a robust cloud-based software to address the challenges faced by these businesses in tracking and managing resources, enabling them to harness the benefits of real-time data without the daunting costs of implementation.”

Smarter processes

FleetnexG is fully compatible with Canon’s range of multifunctional devices. Business owners can choose among proof of delivery, scheduling and fleet management system, mobile delivery note, or a combination of two services to increase efficiency.

With this solution, documentation and processes are digitised. As a result, businesses reduce the possibility of misplacing proof of delivery documents, and negates the need to match those documents against delivery orders, a process that typically takes two to three business days. This shortens the order fulfilment cycle, enabling the business to be more efficient in payment processing.

Real-time insights

Without the tools to access automation, business owners often resort to time-consuming processes such as manual documentation, which may be prone to inaccuracies. Additionally, the lack of insights derived from real-time data may result in inefficiencies in the form of unnecessary delivery trips, fuel expense, and manpower.

With FleetnexG, business owners can access an automated streamlined work process to identify and optimise areas along the process flow, redeploying employees for higher value work. At the same time, real-time data offers end-to-end tracking and higher accountability to clients.

Use cases can include:

Proof of Delivery

· Real-time status updates to track delivery and return of goods.
· Quick and easy organisation of data, saving administration staff the time to match the delivery order to the proof of delivery documents.
· Easy retrieval of digitised documents and saves administrative staff the hassle of manual filing.

E-signatures or mobile delivery notes

· Delivery orders can be signed using a wide variety of smart devices and the proof of delivery is transmitted as real-time data.
· Documents can be digitalised for easy retrieval.
· Faster billing upon fulfilment of orders.

Scheduling & fleet management system

· System optimises vehicle inventory and scheduling to reduce fuel costs and manpower.
· Reduce administrative burden by automating and generating operational reports.

FleetnexG is developed in conjunction with TPS Asia Pacific and exclusively distributed in Singapore by Canon Singapore.

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