5 May 2016

LINE shows how LINE@ can raise customer engagement

LINE, the global lifestyle platform, is highlighting how LINE@, one of LINE’s Family apps, can help entrepreneurs reach out to a wider audience. The service lets users create official accounts to share both personal and professional content. A LINE@ account allows users to engage directly with customers and fans with functionality such as a Timeline to post content on, one-on-one chats with fans and customers for real-time business updates, as well as a polling function that allows users to gather feedback seamlessly:

Reach an audience of thousands
Send mass messages to customers and fans that have friended your account to promote your business and events, or gather feedback from followers.

Share updates easily
Post your updates via the Timeline and keep your followers updated on new products and services.

Stay connected anytime, anywhere
Add LINE@ account information to business cards so fans and customers have another way to reach you.

Survey customers for feedback
Set up polls with LINE@’s research page to gather feedback on products and services, or capture customer profile data such as age, gender. You can even use the statistics provided to monitor user behaviour.

Thank fans for their support
Give readers, fans and customers a treat with coupons with your LINE account. LINE’s new app feature, Coupon Book, allows LINE users to keep track of all the coupons they receive via LINE.


Choose from two plan options – free or paid – to gain access to LINE@’s features. A free plan includes 1,000 sent messages a month. A paid plan starts from US$50 a month and includes 50,000 messages sent a month. Each message beyond that costs US$0.01 for paid plans; free plans are limited to 1,000 messages. Sign up