24 May 2016

Yahoo Mail adds new mobile features

Yahoo has added new features to Yahoo Mail for iOS and Android users.

On iOS, users can find a new look for blue links, easier sharing and artist-made stationery, courtesy of Paperless Post. On Android, Yahoo has included a directory of all of the people interacted with, contact syncing and an open beta.

New for iOS are:

Link preview

Blue links will come with a popup that gives recipients a snapshot of what has been sent. Enhanced links can be shared on social media.


Stationery themes are now available in the Mail app. To personalise emails, tap on the compose assist button (+), select the stationery icon and choose from dozens of stationery designs.

Share button

Source: Yahoo. Share information easily.
Source: Yahoo. Share.
Share content directly via Yahoo Mail. Just click the share button and choose the Yahoo Mail app icon.

The new features, as well as the ability to rename accounts and mailboxes, are available in the Yahoo Mail app for iOS (4.4) around the world.

New for Android are:

A complete directory

Go to the “People” Smart View in the sidebar and click “see all contacts”. An editable list of all of the people communicated with will be displayed.

Contact sync
Source: Yahoo. Contact sync allows Yahoo address book contacts and mobile device contacts to be synched.
Source: Yahoo. Contact sync.

Yahoo Address Book contacts can now be synced with an Android device’s contacts. This will be off by default. Turn it on in the Android device’s sync settings.

Open beta

Interested users can try out new and experimental features before other Yahoo Mail users by opting in.

The new features are in version 5.5 of the Yahoo Mail app on Android.


More details are in the blog post

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