23 June 2016

Dropbox introduces new productivity tools

Source: Dropbox website. File requests.
Source: Dropbox website.
Dropbox is making it easier to create, share, and collaborate with new features:

The plus button enables the creation of new Microsoft Office files, photo uploads, or scans directly via the Dropbox app on the iPhone.

The Dropbox badge identifies who else is working on the same Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files to avoid losing or duplicating work. Microsoft co-authoring allows users to collaborate on Microsoft Office files online in real time, eliminating back-and-forth emails. Collaborators can comment anywhere on an image or document.

Collect files in a single folder from anyone, without granting them access to its contents. Dropbox allows previews of Excel, Photoshop, and PowerPoint files—even without the apps.

Secure sharing controls who can view or edit a file or folder, and version history recovers edits made to files in the last 30 days.


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