3 June 2016

Shopee Malaysia collaborates with Pos Malaysia for fulfilment

Shopee Malaysia is collaborating with the national courier delivery service Pos Malaysia, to give all sellers on the platform the ability to ship their sold items for free.

Shopee, a mobile-first social marketplace with over 12 million users in the region, is a free-to-use online customer-to-customer (C2C) platform. Launched in December 2015, Shopee aims to empower entrepreneurs, both individuals and businesses, to buy and sell safely and securely on mobile. In Malaysia Shopee has seen more than a million downloads of its app within six months.

Shopee already has no listing fee and no commission fee. The Shopee Free Shipping Program further lowers barriers to entry for all by making buying and selling easier as the cost of shipping is removed.

The beta version was launched in early May to selected sellers through several batches to monitor the growth and engagement for the Free Shipping Program. The programme grants sellers a capped subsidy for deliveries of items to West Malaysia and East Malaysia respectively.

“Since the launch of the Shopee Free Shipping Program, we have seen tremendous growth on our platform. The daily orders of most of our sellers have doubled and even tripled in some instances,” said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee.

Randy, owner of the zmobile store on Shopee, says the programme has benefitted sellers. "Before joining the programme, my customers are mostly from Kuala Lumpur. But thanks to the Free Shipping programme, now I have buyers from East Malaysia and my sales have increased by five times in three months,” he remarked.

On top of generating tremendous benefits to sellers, this programme is also attractive for buyers. “This prestigious partnership will also help buyers across Malaysia to shop and not worry about paying for shipping fees on our platform,” Ho added.

Dato’ Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh, Pos Malaysia’s Group Chief Executive Officer said, “The collaboration between Pos Malaysia and Shopee is a significant milestone for us to delve and tap further into new business opportunities, especially in the e-commerce sector. With the launch of our e-Commerce Hub and the Pos Laju EziBox, the entrepreneurs on Shopee would now be able to benefit from greater convenience by having greater touch points and the ability to perform online transactions 24-hours globally. We are aligned with Shopee’s vision in helping local entrepreneurs grow their business via our platform and would work hand-in-hand with them to roll out more services in the near future.”

In addition to the Shopee Free Shipping Program, Shopee provides access to free entrepreneurship programmes and workshops conducted by Shopee University to educate and empower entrepreneurs.

“Shopee University actively provides guidance on how to run an online business and insights into the latest mobile e-commerce trends for our sellers. Attendees are taught about Shopee, and are given exclusive updates on our latest features, products and promotions. Our main aim is to maximise the potential of our sellers and empower more online businesses to utilise mobile e-commerce platforms as a revenue-generating platform,” explained Ho.

The curriculum at Shopee University is developed based on the best practices of Shopee’s top sellers, featuring more topics such as online marketing methods for e-commerce, product photography and supply chain optimisation.


The Shopee app can be downloaded for free on all mobile platforms via Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

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