12 July 2016

Public days for one-north Festival are jam-packed with scientific and creative experiences

The one-north Festival is open to the public on 5 and 6 August at Fusionopolis One. Visitors will be able to hear from, meet, and interact with scientists, innovators, creators and entrepreneurs from around one-north and discover what they do, what inspires them, and why there is no such thing as a typical day when it comes to science, innovation, creativity or enterprise.

Jointly organisers Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and JTC have put together an exciting line-up of activities to engage and delight the public. The journey of learning and discovery includes:

Public talks (registration required)

Many of us may not be aware of the latest advances or future trends, be it in science, innovation, technology or media. These sessions allow visitors to hear directly from scientists, innovators and creators on the latest developments or future possibilities that will impact our lives. Some of the questions which will be answered include:
  • What is big data and what does it mean for our online privacy? 
  • How can we create a greener, cleaner environment? 
  • How are A*STAR researchers using computers to better understand heart attacks and infectious diseases? 
  • What are the latest advances in the fight against cancer? 
  • What can scientists from NUS do with satellites the size of a shoebox? 
Register for more than 20 talks on www.onenorthfestival.sg

Lab studio tours and open houses (registration required)

  • Gain exclusive access to restricted areas such as scientific labs and studio soundstages and talk to the people who work in these spaces.
  • Get up close and personal with the supercomputers that connect us to the world and the specialised microscopes that can see inside living cells. 
  • Take a tour of Infinite Studios and see the soundstage where Channel 5’s Tanglin is shot. 
  • Go on a tour of Disney Studios 
  • Check out the latest cool technologies from Canon 

There are 50 tours to register for at www.onenorthfestival.sg

Watch made-in-Singapore innovations come alive

Health and wellbeing
Featuring research and innovations that help to keep us healthy, including the latest advances in medical research and new technologies that help doctors diagnose and treat health problems and diseases:
  • Become a virtual antibody and prevent a dengue virus infection 
  • Check out how to edit your DNA 
  • Find out how worms are helping NTU scientists study metabolic diseases 
Technology for life
These discoveries could change our lives on a personal level:
  • Test your strength against flexible armour that stiffens on impact 
  • Play a video game with your mind using technology created by A*STAR scientists 
  • See animations and play games created at DigiPen Institute of Technology 

Future city
The technologies that are shaping the urban landscape – from the way we live, to the way we work, and how we get around every day:
  • See a car that can drive itself 
  • Engage in a conversation with a social robot from NTU 
  • Find out how electronics can control our houses 
Hands-on workshops (sign up on-the-spot)

Participate in interactive art activities, led by NAFA students, which take inspiration from scientific innovations.

See how researchers from A*STAR are teaching computers to recognise emotions, and create your own emoji to match specific feelings.


The core activities of the Festival will be held at the Connexis, Symbiosis and Galaxis Towers at Fusionopolis in one-north. View the schedule for 5 and 6 August. Registration may be required for some events; click on the pictures under the 'Programmes' tab to register.

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