2 August 2016

PwC Singapore has launched Venture Hub, a one-stop shop to support startups

Source: PwC Singapore. People in a discussion.
Source: PwC Singapore. PwC Singapore has launched Venture Hub, the world's first one-stop shop to help investors and entrepreneurs succeed in the startup and innovation space.

PwC Singapore has launched its Venture Hub, the world’s first one-stop shop targeted at helping investors and entrepreneurs active in the startup and innovation space navigate the complex ecosystem. The team will be based in Singapore and is headed by Patrick Yeo, PwC’s Venture Hub leader.

Said Yeo: “There are many stakeholders in the venture ecosystem ranging from startups, investors, incubators, accelerators to government agencies, each playing an important role. In order to effectively meet the needs of the varied stakeholders with speed, agility and efficiency, we felt that the conventional model of how professional services firms provided advice to such stakeholders had to change.”

“With this one-stop shop model, the stakeholders have a lot more flexibility when they come to us for advice – be it business strategy, global market access, financing, regulatory compliance, etc. It doesn’t matter which area of expertise they need help with – all they have to do is get in touch with anyone from PwC’s Venture Hub and expert advice will be a mere step away. Traditionally, professional services firms like us are known to be costly and rigid, but with PwC’s Venture Hub, we are open to innovative ways of collaboration.”

PwC’s Venture Hub goes beyond catering to the traditional realm of financial technology (fintech) and will look at all disruptive technology in areas such as biomedicaltech, regtech*, wealthtech, and legaltech.

*Regtech is technology that makes regulatory compliance easier.