5 September 2016

Overseas Singaporeans interested to return home to work

Robert Walters, the international recruitment consultancy, has released its Return of the Asian Talent white paper, which reveals that 82% of overseas Singaporean professionals are interested to return home to work.

The three main sectors in Singapore which they are keen on seeking employment fall within banking and financial services, information technology and sales & marketing.

The top three reasons why overseas Asians will consider returning home are to care for ageing parents, the perceived ability to command higher pay and the affinity with their cultures back home. As a result, the top three factors they look for in an employment package are a salary increment over their local rates, clear career progression and flexible working arrangements.

Attracting overseas Asian professionals to return home has emerged as a viable alternative for regional firms looking to overcome the talent shortage. Recognising the value of local talent, Robert Walters launched Balik Kampung (a local phrase that means ‘to return home’) in 2015 to actively engage overseas Singaporeans who may be looking for employment opportunities back home.

Toby Fowlston, MD, Robert Walters Southeast Asia said, “Our Global Salary Survey 2016 reflected the strong demand for skilled IT professionals, particularly for those with specialist skills in cyber security and e-commerce. With returning Asians also seeking employment opportunities in this sector, we expect IT to continue to be one of the most active areas of recruitment in 2016.”

Other highlights from the survey:

Amongst nine in 10 (88%) of hiring managers polled in Southeast Asia say they are currently facing challenges in attracting and recruiting talent.

Nearly the same number (86%) of the hiring managers polled in Southeast Asia see hiring returning locals as a viable option to address their recruitment challenges.

Four in 10 (42%) of overseas Asians looking for employment opportunities back home will first meet with a recruitment consultancy or headhunter.

Three in 10 (32%) of overseas Asians say the most effective way employers can ensure a smooth transition back home is to offer them an attractive salary increment.

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