27 October 2016

Caarly users can now cross-post to Carousell

Carousell has acquired Singapore startup Caarly as part of its goal to lead in the classifieds space.

Caarly is a mobile-first productivity tool that makes it easier for used car dealerships to manage their inventory. Since its launch in Singapore in 2014, Caarly has become a trusted partner to more than 200 car dealers, which make up a significant proportion of the car dealerships in Singapore. Existing Caarly partners can continue to use the Caarly platform to list their inventory and can cross-post to the cars category on the Carousell marketplace with a single tap.

“Carousell has grown over the last 4.5 years, and so have our users. Over 50% of them in Singapore are now over 25 years old, and have significantly more purchasing power. We’ve seen how their evolving needs have resulted in more listings and greater demand in higher value verticals like cars. This acquisition allows us to tap on Caarly’s relationships with car dealers to give users the widest selection of cars on a classifieds marketplace, beginning in Singapore and throughout the Asia Pacific region (APAC) soon after,” said Siu Rui Quek, Co-founder and CEO of Carousell.

Winnie Khoo, newly appointed General Manager for Carousell Singapore and Malaysia, will be leading the charge to fully integrate the Caarly team into the Carousell platform. She said, “What began as a simple conversation to include used-car dealers inventory onto the Carousell marketplace (has) allowed us to realise the potential to make a bigger impact for our community. With the widest selection of cars, Carousell will become the go-to for anyone looking to purchase their next car.”

*An acquisition primarily to hire the talent at the acquired company.