26 October 2016

Shopee Malaysia goes pink for breast cancer awareness

Shopee, Malaysia’s mobile marketplace, is joining forces with PRIDE Foundation (Pink Ribbon Deeds) for a Goes Pink campaign for October. In order to raise awareness for breast cancer, the mobile platform has planned initiatives both online and offline supporting PRIDE throughout October.

The Goes Pink campaign collection pages encourage users to buy and use pink and white coloured products from categories such as mobile accessories, beauty, and home & living.

As of 19 October, Shopee Malaysia has amassed over 2 million installs and the Goes Pink campaign will be communicated nationwide through the Shopee app to raise awareness for breast cancer.

In order to help raise funds, Shopee Malaysia has produced a range of motivational postcards, with all proceeds from postcard sales going to PRIDE in support of breast cancer awareness month, October. Shopee users can now donate and support online by simply purchasing postcards worth RM1 to RM50 on Shopee Malaysia’s Official Account.

Source: Shopee Malaysia official account. Postcards on sale to raise funds for breast cancer and PRIDE.
Source: Shopee Malaysia official account. Postcards on sale to raise funds for PRIDE.

Donations will be used to fund PRIDE activities including providing information, psychological support, practical advice to breast cancer survivors and their families, public education, training on early detection, treatment of breast cancer, and other breast-related health issues.

To find out how much Malaysians know and understand breast cancer causes and symptoms, Shopee sent a guy squad dressed in tops that had hot pink bras on them into the streets of Jalan Telawi in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur to ask basic questions such as what are the causes of breast cancer and if men are at risk. Men aged 18 to 30 interviewed were unsure about the risk of breast cancer for men.

PRIDE Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Azuwa Abdullah acknowledged that breast cancer could happen at any age and time with the youngest case in Malaysia is a six-year-old girl from Kelantan.

Social influencers including Sean Lee, Jazel Lim and Nurul Ain have also joined forces alongside Shopee to spread the word about breast cancer by posting and giving away products to their followers on Instagram. Their followers will enjoy pink and white products from these influencers by spreading the word and tagging their friends. Their postings have garnered over 5,000 likes and reached more than 140,000 followers, Shopee said.

The CEO of PRIDE Azuwa Abdullah said, “We are glad that Shopee has come on board to help us raise awareness on breast cancer and to raise fund for PRIDE. We hope that more women, especially the younger generation, would be more aware of the importance of early detection through the campaign. We value the initiative and look forward to a successful campaign with Shopee.”

Ian Ho, Regional MD said, “Shopee is honoured to work alongside PRIDE to raise awareness on the value of early detection, education and intervention. By giving PRIDE and our user base an easy way to donate, we hope that more people can support, donate and spread the word about breast cancer awareness in a seamless way.”

Shopee is a no-commission, no-listing fee mobile-first platform and is also free to use. Shopee can be downloaded for free on all mobile platforms via Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Watch the video of the answers to basic questions about breast cancer

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