21 October 2016

Twitter launches new customer support features for businesses

Source: Twitter. New customer support features.
Source: Twitter. New customer support features.
Twitter is introducing enhanced customer support features to help businesses globally provide even better customer service. Businesses can now indicate that they provide support, and that information now appears in suggestions when people search for a business, mention a business in a Tweet, or find a business in Direct Messages. Additionally, businesses can display hours of availability on their profile to help set people’s expectations for when they are likely to reply.

These businesses’ profiles will also display a more prominent button to start a Direct Message so people know the business offers support privately. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and SMART Philippines are among the first in Southeast Asia to leverage the new support features for better customer service.

The latest enhancements complement previously announced improvements for customer service, including Direct Message links and Customer Feedback cards to help businesses provide better service on Twitter.

“Customer service is an important part of BNI. Being active on Twitter through our @BNI and @BNICustomerCare accounts every day enables us to communicate with our customers, wherever they are. With the Message Button and Support Indicator in our Twitter account profile, it becomes easier for customers to contact us via Direct Message and they will also know when we can respond to their tweets,” said Grace Pong Samma, GM, Marketing Communication Division, BNI.

“Our followers used to go through multiple stages just to reach out to us, but Twitter’s Customer Service has allowed us to streamline our process and consequently increase our engagement with our beloved customers. Over the trial period alone, we saw a 32% increase in direct messages, which allow us to handle the concerns of our customers efficiently and get their feedback so we can continuously improve our service,” said Raymund Rivadelo, VP and Head of Customer Care, SMART Philippines.


The features can be activated on a new Customer support settings page on the Twitter Dashboard website. Businesses are required to first enable the setting to receive Direct Messages from anyone. This allows users a choice to communicate about support issues via tweets or Direct Messages, since support issues may require sharing personal information or longer descriptions of issues.

To learn more about how Twitter can help businesses with customer service, businesses can visit Twitter’s Help Center or contact their Twitter account team. Alternatively, they can reach out to one of the Official Partners directly to learn more about getting started with Customer Feedback.


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