4 November 2016

Singaporean-Italian duo launch Oro D’ Italia at Singapore Jewellery and Gem Fair

Source: UBM Asia, the organisers of SJGF 2016. From left: Cascapera and Lim.
Source: UBM Asia, the organisers of SJGF 2016. From left: Cascapera and Lim.

Oro D’ Italia (Oro Di Italia) – a 100% Italian handmade fine jewellery retail platform has debuted at the fourth Singapore Jewellery and Gem Fair (SJGF 2016) at Marina Bay Sands.

Oro D’ Italia is the brainchild of Rosalind Lim, a Singaporean, and Fabio Cascapera, an Italian. Lim has over 30 years of experience in fine jewellery and has worked very closely with high net worth individuals and buyers, while Cascapera is from a family of jewellers and arrived in Singapore at 19 as a diamond wholesaler. Their aim is to showcase new and upcoming Italian jewellery designers, manufacturers and artisans and to bring never-before-seen fine jewellery pieces for discerning buyers in Singapore.

At the fair the duo is introducing collections from 19 Italian manufacturers and designers with over 3,000 pieces. Brands on display include Piero Milano, QUATTROCOLO, TODINI, FALCINELLI ITALY, GORGOGLIONE Preziosi, VERDI, IACOPINI, MARIA GRECA Roma, Lunati Jewellery, Ciaravolo, Paolo Piavan, Gisci, Buzzanca, Giovanni Ferraris, Talento Italiano, and Tosti Gioielli.

Source: UBM Asia. Horse Ring by Buzzanca.
Source: UBM Asia. Horse Ring.
Horse Ring by Buzzanca is one of the Italian-made designs showcased by Oro D' Italia. Buzzanca is experienced in diamonds and pearls and delivers imaginative, one-of-a-kind fine jewellery designed with South Sea pearls. Aquamarine Drop and Peridot by Maria Greca will also be featured.

“We are offering jewellery connoisseurs the opportunity to view and purchase pieces that are intriguing, unique and extraordinary. The collections that we have carefully picked are rare and not available in retail stores across Singapore or Southeast Asia. Italian designers have always been innovative and bold, but we are looking for the best from concept to completion. These collections are sourced not only because they are unique but also ensure quality from craftsmanship to creative use of materials, be it gold, colour diamonds, precious stones, carbon fibre or even wood. We believe in offering fine jewellery buyers the best with a reliable after-sales service as these pieces are not just a purchase but an investment,” said Lim.

Source: UBM Asia. From left: Aquamarine Drop and Peridot.
Source: UBM Asia. From left: Aquamarine Drop and Peridot.
“Jewellery buyers in Singapore have an eye for good design and we would like to offer them 100% Italian-made fine jewellery that will make them stand out from the crowd. We carry a wide range of collections going beyond classic designs which have a great appeal in this region, and we know that because of the network of buyers and retailers that we have established together over the years working in this industry. With the selection of pieces we are trying educate our buyers about the concept behind the design and not just the piece, we are offering them an experience and not just a purchase,” added Cascapera.


Source: UBM Asia. Highlighted exhibits at SJGF 2016.
Source: UBM Asia. Highlighted exhibits at SJGF 2016.

The SJGF 2016 is at Marina Bay Sands Halls E and F till 7 November. The trade show hosts over 100 exhibitors from 28 countries, and features regional and international fine jewellery and gems ranging from diamonds, precious gems and pearls, to never-before showcased in Southeast Asia handcrafted jewellery available at attractive prices for trade buyers and jewellery enthusiasts. MasterCard users receive an additional 10% discount on purchases made at the fair with participating exhibitors.

4 to 6 November 2016: ​11am to 8pm
7 November 2016: 11am to 5pm

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