4 December 2016

Parallels Toolbox 1.3 for Mac adds five new utilities

Parallels (www.parallels.com/about), a global cross-platform solutions provider, has launched Parallels Toolbox 1.3 for Mac, an upgrade that adds five new utilities to the standalone application.

Parallels Toolbox for Mac makes it easy to complete essential daily tasks with its 25 single-purpose tools, and quarterly updates of new tools, all for the low subscription price of a single app.

“The feedback we received about Parallels Toolbox for Mac since its launch two months ago has been tremendous,” said Jack Zubarev, Parallels President.

“We listen to and work closely with our customers. This is the first customer-inspired upgrade for Parallels Toolbox for Mac subscribers, as we continue to develop additional productivity tools for future versions that further simplify everyday computing experiences.”

Parallels Toolbox 1.3 for Mac adds five new utilities:

· Block or unblock applications from accessing the built-in camera on a Mac in one click

· Eject volumes, including external hard drives, memory cards, network volumes and mounted disk images with one click

· Configure the Launch tool to open applications, folders, links, or other files, with one click

· Take photos or video immediately using the built in Mac camera

Existing Parallels Toolbox for Mac tools feature capabilities such as:

· Hide icons on both the Mac desktop and Windows virtual machine desktops.

· Preventing the computer from going to sleep

· Converting videos so they can be played on a Mac, iPhone or iPad


Parallels Toolbox for Mac, a standalone product featuring 25 single-purpose tools plus quarterly updates of additional tools and utilities, is available online exclusively at www.parallels.com/toolbox for US$9.99 per year.

Parallels Toolbox and its quarterly updates of new tools is also included with subscriptions to Parallels Desktop for Mac.

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