27 December 2016

Singapore travellers love Thailand

Source: KAYAK. Tokyo skyline.

KAYAK, the travel search engine, has compiled the top five destinations for Singapore during the Chinese New Year (CNY) period. The year of the rooster begins with a long weekend spanning Saturday 28 January to Monday 30 January 2017.

Bangkok, Thailand is Singapore’s top travel destination* for the period from 28 January to February 5, followed by Tokyo, Japan and then Manila in the Philippines:
2017 CNY Travels (January 28 to February 5)
Bangkok, Thailand
Tokyo, Japan
Manila, Philippines
Melbourne, Australia
Denpasar, Indonesia
KAYAK also notes that booking early can be lucrative.

● By booking Tokyo flights five months ahead, travellers can expect to save up to 51%** in flight prices.

● For destinations closer to home, such as Denpasar, Bali, booking two months ahead of the intended travel dates can save up to 44%**.

KAYAK recently shared affordable Christmas destinations. At the time Imbert Fung, Director KAYAK Southeast Asia and India commented, "At KAYAK.sg we want to help Singaporeans plan and manage travels more easily. Our travel tools, such as Explore, provide travel inspiration and show Singaporeans how far their set travel budget can take them in the world." 

*Results are based on the flight searches made on KAYAK.sg for travel dates in 2016.

**Compared to the most expensive month.