31 January 2017

Frost & Sullivan sees demand for independent analyses supporting IPOs

Frost & Sullivan is expecting strong growth in the number of initial public offerings (IPOs) on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in 2017. The number of proposed listings on the ASX for 2017 looks strong with close to 45 already in the pipeline to date, the company has noted.

Frost & Sullivan also said that IPO listings in 2016 on the ASX finished the year on par with 2015. Information technology and financial technology (fintech) listings represented almost 25% of the total IPO market. 

Frost & Sullivan contributed to a number of those IPOs in 2016 with independent market reports (IMRs), which detail market size, forecasts, growth, market drivers and trends pertaining to the industry that the company seeking to offer an IPO operates in. An IMR is typically inserted into the prospectus or can be used as a standalone document. 

Frost & Sullivan has produced over 40 IMRs for ASX-based IPOs over the last five years, said Andre Clarke, MD, ANZ at Frost & Sullivan. "Frost & Sullivan has produced a number of IMRs as companies and their lead managers are becoming more aware of the importance of independent market analysis in an increasingly competitive and regulated Australian IPO market," says Clarke.

"Potential investors are looking to understand the growth drivers in an investee's business, and seek confirmation and assurance that the investee is operating in an attractive and growing market."

Frost & Sullivan anticipates a continued need for prospectuses to include more accurate, up to date market data, and has strengthened its IMR team in Australia to cater to the expected wave of IPOs this year. The team will be led by Ivan Fernandez, Industry Director, ANZ at Frost & Sullivan with continued support from Mark Dougan, who authored most of the IMRs that Frost & Sullivan has already produced.

"Ivan's 15 years of experience at Frost & Sullivan in Australia working with many clients across a range of industries makes him the perfect person to lead this team. Ivan has a unique understanding of what market information is required in a prospectus to maximise funding for each IPO," added Mr. Clarke.

Frost & Sullivan has contributed to over 100 IPOs on the SGX, Bursa Malaysia, and the HKEX (Hong Kong Exchange). IPOs that Frost & Sullivan has successfully supported on the ASX include dried food supplier Murray River Organics, services conglomerate Spotless, and Crowd Mobile, which makes mobile products.