6 March 2017

Intuit Singapore to launch hit expense management app

Intuit, the global small business management and accounting software solutions provider, plans to launch QuickBooks Self-Employed in Singapore. The software allows users to stay on top of business expenses. QuickBooks Self-Employed launched in the US in 2015, and has 180,000 customers globally including in Australia, up from 50,000 a year ago.

Scheduled to be available later this month, QuickBooks Self-Employed is a mobile app targeted to help the growing freelance workforce. The app features expense tracking, invoicing, and helps users get better insight into their financials including net income and tax obligations throughout the year.

According to the Manpower Ministry’s 2015 Labour Force Report, 14% of Singapore’s workforce are self-employed. A growing part of this is the on-demand economy, which in Singapore includes global platforms such as Uber and Airbnb as well as strong local market players PandaBed, GrabTaxi and Redmart.

“The Singaporean self-employed community will benefit from a service that allows them to effectively stay on top of business expenses and make better financial decisions,” said Ashley Millbern, Head of global expansion at Intuit. “We know that these workers face unique challenges compared to traditional, full-time employees. QuickBooks Self-Employed will help them get organised and simplify their financial tasks, untangle business and personal expenses, and help them get ready for tax time; a task that used take hours can now be done in just minutes, and right in the palm of their hand.”

QuickBooks Self-Employed features include:
  • Tracking expenses on the go with easy category selection based on swiping left or right on the phone
  • Link receipts to expenses through the app
  • Create and send invoices with notifications when the invoice has been viewed.
  • Snap and store receipts, manage expenses, and invoices in one place

For more than three decades, Intuit has worked closely with customers around the world throughout the product development process. Customer input is critical to determine what big, unmet needs they are facing, what solutions Intuit should create, and how the products will look and feel. Intuit is also inviting Singaporean self-employed workers to be part of the product development process by joining a product testing programme to provide input and feedback on the mobile app.


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