21 April 2017

Uber for Business expands with new customer transportation solution

Uber for Business, a platform that gives companies the billing, reporting, and management technology they need to operate more efficiently, has been expanded beyond business travel to include other aspects of customer transportation.

The UberCENTRAL solution integrated into the Uber for Business platform, enables companies to curate the end-to-end customer experience by providing on-demand, door-to-door transportation to their customers.

UberCENTRAL gives organisations the ability to modernise customer transportation by:

Knowing when their customers are on their way to them, or get home safely, so they can provide a premium door-to-door experience for customers. Customers do not need to have an Uber account, or even have a smartphone to take Central rides.

Eliminating overhead costs. Central helps organisations embrace the sharing economy at scale, so they can replace inefficient and expensive transportation solutions that they have today, like shuttles or car services.

Simplifying reporting and management. With the Uber for Business platform, organisations get access to the digital billing, reporting, and management tools they need to efficiently manage their transportation operations.


Any organisation can create an Uber for Business account and start transforming their customer experience with UberCENTRAL.

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