5 May 2017

Dubai taxi passenger figures released for Q117

Source: RTA. A taxi on Dubai roads.
Source: RTA. A taxi on Dubai roads.
Taxi drivers in Dubai, UAE served 44,883,737 passengers on 25,795,251 trips in Q117. Taxi franchises in Dubai have a total of 10,038 vehicles in operation. Specifically:
  • Dubai Taxi served 21,050,701 riders in 12,981,104 trips.
  • Arabia Taxi lifted 4,413,867 in 2,536,705 trips. 
  • Cars Taxi hosted 9,241,253 riders in 5,311,065 trips.
  • Metro Taxi ferried 3,471,457 riders in 1,995,090 trips. 
  • National Taxi transported 6,534,339 riders in 3,755,367 trips, and 
  • City Taxi offered services to 172,121 riders in 98,920 trips.

The CEO of Public Transport Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Abdullah Yousef Al Ali reported: “Lifting 44,883,737 riders during the first quarter of this year is indicative of the huge demand for the service. It is a result of improvements we regularly introduce to taxis such as the offering of multiple means of fare payment (cash or credit cards), or training cab drivers to improve their attitudes and practices.

“The RTA leadership accords considerable attention to the taxi service run by Public Transport Agency as the service offers privacy sought by a large number of users. Efforts made in this field and other mass transit services aim at realising RTA’s third strategic objective (People Happiness) and vision (Safe & Smooth Transport for All)."