11 July 2017

NEC comms system ideal for SMBs

Source: NEC website. The Smart Communications System SL2100.
Source: NEC website. The Smart Communications System SL2100.
NEC Asia Pacific has launched the Smart Communications System SL2100 for small- and mid-sized businesses in the Asian market, particularly businesses in retail, healthcare, food service and entertainment, as well as small hotels and motels.

With enterprise-grade voice over IP (VoIP), mobility and unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) features, the SL2100 also offers industry-specific features such as property management system (PMS) API support. The SL2100 also offers an array of add-on smart mobility options, such as remote/home office support and mobile extensions - making a mobile number a virtual extension of the corporate phone system.

“The way the business world communicates is rapidly changing, especially in consumer-facing industries, where excellent customer experience is a must,” said Shigeru Matsuura, GM, Global Platform Division, NEC Corporation. “NEC’s SL2100 offers a new design for hardware and endpoints. Combined with the value-added features, such as smartphone integration and web-based video conferencing and collaboration, the SL2100 is an ideal fit for service oriented small- and mid-sized businesses.”


The SL2100 will be released to Asian countries starting from July 2017.