22 July 2017

Singapore holds innovation event this August

Celebrating research, innovation, creativity and enterprise, the second one-north Festival will be held on 18 and 19 August 2017 at Biopolis, Singapore.

Ad for the one-north Festival at Raffles station.
Ad for the one-north Festival at Raffles station. 

Themed Pioneering an Innovation Future, the festival jointly organised by A*STAR and JTC will revolve around the subthemes of future health, future living and future work. For the first time, Science Centre Singapore’s X-periment! will be incorporated into the one-north Festival, featuring cutting-edge innovations in future health.

The festival also brings to light the multidisciplinary, multistakeholder collaboration between research performers and industry partners in the one-north community, a key driver that has enabled investments in research, innovation and enterprise to contribute to Singapore's economy and improve lives.

Participants can choose from over 40 talks, more than 50 sessions of laboratory tours and open houses, five interactive workshops and close to 50 exhibition booths that will be open to the public on 18 and 19 August.

Some highlights include:

Educational talks (registration required)

There will be over 40 talks featuring experts from different fields. Hear from the best in the field – scientists, innovators, academics and industry experts – on how science shapes the way we live and work, and what the next big thing might be.

Future Health

Future Health explores the latest advances in medical technology, drug discovery, healthcare and well-being to improve the lives of Singaporeans.

 How do scientists discover new medicines to save lives?

 Demystifying the common cold – find out how you can prevent it

 You are what you eat: Unlocking the power of nutrition to delay ageing

Future Living

Future Living offers a glimpse of what the future holds as Singapore's urban landscape is transformed for better liveability and sustainability.

 Biotechnology: Can we cut our environmental footprint?

 Computational thinking: A new way for children to learn

 Who are we? Using biometrics to create your identity in a digitised world

Future Work

Future Work, echoing the key thrusts of the Future of Manufacturing initiative and strategies recommended by the Committee on the Future Economy, highlights Industry 4.0 technologies for the workplace of tomorrow.

 The factory of the future: A new world of disruptive technologies

 Clinician-scientists: Who are they and what do they do?

 What skills do we need to succeed in a future-ready world?

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Behind-the-scenes lab tours and open houses (registration required)

Get a rare chance to see A*STAR’s research laboratories at Biopolis and Fusionopolis. Find out more about the scientific activities that go on there; including Singapore’s first open-innovation lab, a startup space; and the innovation centre of a consumer goods giant responsible for many of your personal care products.

Laboratory tours

 Visit ASPIRE 1, Singapore’s first national petascale supercomputer

 Fighting superbugs using bioengineering and nanotechnology

 Bioimaging: Can we see chemistry?

Open houses:

 Visit A*START Central, Singapore’s first open innovation lab and tech incubator, and find out what inspires founders of medtech, biotech and Internet startups

 Step into P&G’s Singapore Innovation Centre to discover the research and development that have led to the consumer care products that we use every day

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Interactive workshops

Designed for those who prefer a hands-on experience, the interactive workshops offer a new skill to pick up and new ways of discovering science.

Brain and Behaviour: Discover how emotions and behaviours affect the brain

Ageing in Motion: Wear an ageing suit and walk in the shoes of an elderly person

 Where art meets science: Stamp, twist and drill – make mementos as you experiment with metals*

Get more details about the workshops

Innovation on display (open to public)

See the latest technologies on display; hear from innovators as they explain the science behind the mechanisms; and try them out.

Future Health

 Algorithms and sensors: Engineering a way to reduce stress

 3D bioprinting: Can we print organs?

 How old are you? Find out your real body age

Future Living

 IoT sensors: The modern approach to monitoring safety in homes

 Biometric facial recognition technology: Can science fight crime?

 Doodle: The animated character that entertains and educates your preschooler

Future Work

 3D printing and AI: Is this the future of the assembly line?

 Cloud computing: The revolution of the logistics industry

 The masterplan: How do our industry spaces look like?


Organised by JTC, the inaugural RACE.EAT.PLAY aims to inspire innovation in the one-north community and the public.

 RACE: In one-north’s first-ever Soapbox Race soapbox cars - non-motorised, gravity-powered vehicles - will career down a race and obstacle course at Biopolis Road. Contestants will be judged on speed, creativity and showmanship.

Race day is Saturday, 19 August.

 EAT: Have your selfie printed on coffee, or try out the latest raw food culinary concepts. Explore the Future Food Street, which showcases the trendiest food.

 PLAY: Make your own robot or drone at the Robotics Jamming event. Activities are suitable for the young (6 years onwards) and the young at heart.

*Available for registration on the spot.