14 September 2017

The Dream Collective empowers potential female leaders in Singapore with inaugural bootcamp

Source: The Dream Collective. Woman looking at a sunset.
Source: The Dream Collective. 

The Dream Collective, a global female corporate leadership training platform which offers a refreshing perspective on female empowerment and sparks a much-overlooked dialogue around talent development of female leadership in a corporate landscape, has launched the Emerging Leaders Bootcamp - Singapore Edition. 

Inspired by the MBA syllabi of the world's leading business schools, the programme works with leading corporations to identify, shape and equip high-potential young women with leadership capabilities. Designed to equip the next generation of corporate leaders with the skills, confidence, network and knowledge necessary to advance into higher management positions, the programme also recognises the importance of harnessing and honing soft skills. 

The two-day intensive programme focuses on upskilling five main areas of development – leadership, business, innovation, communication and wellness. The programme encourages collaboration through facilitated discussion, debate and skills training to deliver to members the skills and knowledge required to succeed in today's ever evolving and highly competitive corporate landscape. At the end of the programme, members are urged to set attainable goals to help them achieve new career heights.

Founded in 2012 by Sarah Liu, an entrepreneur deeply passionate about unlocking individual potential, The Dream Collective has worked with 123 leading corporations across Australia to deliver leadership programmes that empowers and equips high-calibre young professional women, and now, Singapore as well. 

Noticing a gap in leadership development opportunities that women faced in the corporate workplace today, The Dream Collective strives to build the pipeline of female leaders worldwide by empowering and equipping high calibre young professional women during the early to mid-stage of their careers. 

While Singapore is progressive in fostering entrepreneurship amongst women – it is ranked 8th best city for women entrepreneurs by the 2017 Women Entrepreneur Cities (WE Cities) Index by Dell – the Singapore corporate ladder is still proving to be a steep climb for women. According to the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, female representation within the science, technology, engineering and mathematics industries (STEM) in Singapore has been hovering around the 30% mark since 2006. A new study by Monster Singapore of 2,000 respondents revealed that 41% of local women cited a lack of opportunities for their career advancement. 

Liu said: “Singapore and Tokyo are proactively seeking out avenues to foster greater female empowerment in the corporate landscape. This is promising to see because like Australia, there is currently a gap in these markets when it comes to building up emerging female talent in the workplace.” 

Since its inception in 2012 in Australia, The Dream Collective has helped advance the careers of thousands of emerging female talents. With its launch in Singapore and then Tokyo, The Dream Collective hopes to power the momentum towards unshackling women from the gendered norms in corporate workplaces today. 


The first session will kick off in October 2017. Register interest