23 September 2017

The Ottomani makes New Middle Eastern dining fresh and personal

The Ottomani is a New Middle Eastern supper club in Singapore that blends a culinary experience with the atmosphere of a time when the personal touch mattered. The Dandy Partnership, which brought Neon Pigeon, Summerlong and Fat Prince to Singapore’s dining scene, have teamed with Executive Chef Nic Philip to bring this experience to Singapore. 

Fresh off stints at some of London’s best venues, including The Clove Club, #26 on the World’s 50 Best list, and Yotam Ottalenghi’s Michelin-starred Nopi, Philip brings a lifetime of experience in Middle Eastern flavours and ingredients from his childhood family table to his current role. Look out for light, fresh cuisine and a passion for spice at Ottomani and unique, elevated interpretations of traditional culinary concepts and views. 

The key element to everything at The Ottomani is fire, from the intrigue and intimacy of oil lanterns and food cooked with a one-of-a-kind wood-fired earth pit. The fire is built up the night before and burned down to embers, with the next night’s menu inside to roast slowly overnight - the texture and depth of flavour obtained is impossible with more modern, less labour-intensive equipment. These unique items are served for two or more and the nightly selection includes a slow-roasted lamb shoulder with spiced molasses and sumac gremolata.

Beyond the wood-fired roasts, Chef Nic has created his own version of New Middle Eastern cuisine. The Adana beef tartare 'kebab' is a reinterpretation of the traditional dish, mixing classic spices in a steak tartare with caviar. This dish is put together tableside.

With no bar in the space, bartenders prepare drinks on a mobile trolley. The beverage programme was selected by Symphony Loo and chosen for flavour profiles. 

Source: The Ottomani. Interior of the New Middle Eastern supper club.
Source: The Ottomani. Interior of the New Middle Eastern supper club.

Group CEO Rohit Roopchand states, “We were looking for something real and exciting; something that was genuinely 'us'. By combining the delivery of classic service with the emotion of today; elements of old world design through a modern lens; and a thought-provoking menu that is authentic to our own views and experiences rather than to tradition, we look forward to introducing people to a deeper story of what this concept means to us.”


48 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079317. The entrance is through a neighbourhood establishment.
Open 6:30pm till late, Monday to Saturday

Call  +65 9231 9316 for reservations