26 October 2017

Pullman Hotels & Resorts expands wellness initiatives to more hotels

Source: Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre website. Hoey.
Source: Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre website. Hoey.

Pullman Hotels & Resorts is strengthening its commitment to wellbeing with a programme designed to help travellers adopt a healthier lifestyle. The initiative was developed in collaboration with Pullman’s Wellness Coach, Sarah Hoey.

“The better and more energetic guests feel when travelling , the more rewarding their stay will be - whether they are traveling for business or leisure,” said Aldina Duarte Ramos, Director of Wellbeing, Pullman Hotels & Resorts.

Pullman’s new approach is based on four universal pillars of health: sleep, food, sport and spa. Each of the pillars provides options for customisation along four key fundamentals: age defense, energy boost, balance and detox.

"Ensuring widespread wellbeing is at the heart of this approach. It must be accessible to everyone, regardless of your location, your time zone, how your diary is looking or your personal practice,” said Lilian Roten, Brand Leader, Pullman Hotels & Resorts. “We encourage our guests to incorporate components of wellness into their routine while travelling to create more energy, better rest and a more pleasurable journey.”

The Pullman clientele belong to a generation of travellers known as “global nomads”. Hyperconnected entrepreneurs and explorers, their lives are a permanent quest to balance productivity with personal wellbeing, Pullman said. According to the brand global nomads appreciate its business, fitness and restaurant facilities as well as its focus on intelligent design.

“The traveller’s mentality has evolved,” says Hoey.  “Generation Y wants to lead a healthier lifestyle and feel better. We believe that we have a role to play in contributing to a generation of more fulfilled travellers”.

Ramos said, “Sarah understands the needs of the global nomad, shares the Pullman brand values and strives to provide a new and holistic approach to wellbeing.”

For the food pillar, the programme includes an active breakfast created by Hoey. Menu options encompass the four fundamentals of age defense, energy boost, balance and detox. A variety of foods cater to individual requirements and tastes, including dairy-, sugar- and gluten-free selections.

Throughout the day, body and facial treatments at the spa reflect the needs of the guest. Examples include: Dawn treatment to wake up gently; Daytime treatment to feel invigorated; and Evening treatment to slow down. As with the breakfast menus, each treatment may be customised for age defense, energy boost, balance and detox.

Sport is addressed through a series of 7-minute videos available on YouTube. Guests may follow Sarah’s yoga and fitness routines in their guestrooms, or join in a group fitness class. A fitness bag and local jogging map are also provided.

To encourage more restful sleep, a short guide to gentle stretching and exercise is available: a morning routine enabling the body and muscles to wake up; and an evening routine to relieve tension accumulated during the course of the day.

Pullman Dubai Creek City Center introduced the Pullman Wellbeing experience in March 2017. In Asia  Pullman properties in Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand as well as Auckland in New Zealand are to feature the programme. The goal is one hotel per region, and then one per country, Pullman said. At a later stage, Hoey will lead masterclasses at participating hotels across the network.

Pullman Hotels & Resorts, AccorHotels’ new generation of upscale hotels, is a cosmopolitan brand that offers hyper-connected travellers an experience that combines efficiency and personal wellbeing. The brand has over 117 hotels and resorts in 33 countries.

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