8 November 2017

Aditus to connect luxury merchants with cryptocurrency owners

Aditus aims to provide a platform connecting high net worth individuals with significant Bitcoin and altcoin holdings (crypto-affluents) with luxury merchants.

According to Aditus, few luxury merchants currently accept cryptocurrencies, whereas crypto-affluents prefer to pay using them. At the same time, crypto-users value their data privacy immensely, but luxury merchants require more data for marketing. Aditus believes that bridging the two groups is a multibillion-dollar opportunity.

Aditus is a decentralised network built on the Ethereum Blockchain, integrating a decentralised smart phone app, smart contracts, encryption protocols and payment gateways.

The Aditus network will enables luxury merchants to target crypto-affluents and engage directly with them through Aditus Smart Invitations, without infringing on their privacy. Aditus also allows crypto-affluents to pay with their crypto-currency of choice while reimerchants receive payments in their currency of choice

As a result, crypto-users enjoy access to the world of luxury goods and services in privacy, while luxury merchants retain the ability to do target marketing on this entirely new customer segment.

Crypto-affluents use the Aditus secure mobile app to:

Store their encrypted personal data, used for decentralised matching with the merchant’s targeting requirements – the user data never leaves the user device without the user’s express permission

Access Smart Invitations from global luxury merchants that match their user preferences – giving access to a previously inaccessible lifestyle

Enjoy payouts in Aditus tokens as a reward for engaging with the merchants according to the terms of the Smart Invitations

Facilitate transactions via the Aditus Wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum

Receive an invitation to join the Aditus VIP Membership programme, a suite of rewards, privileges and services previously only available on the highest tier of fiat (traditional) credit cards

In addition, Aditus organises exclusive events for Aditus users (comprising both fiat- and crypto-affluents), and users may use Aditus tokens to vote on the programme lineup of such events.

The Aditus token, offered through the upcoming token sale serves as:

- Membership proof to access Aditus’ decentralised platform

- Rewards currency within the Aditus platform

- A possible transaction currency with luxury merchants on the Aditus network

- Voting currency within the Aditus platform


The Aditus initial token sale will be launching at the end of November 2017.