25 January 2018

Tech and innovation business club launched in Singapore

 Business club and ecosystem builder provides members access to seven strategic groups for collaboration

 Co-founded by entrepreneur Cheryl Lee and Golden Equator’s CEO Shirley Crystal Chua

 Mistletoe, a collective impact collective founded by renowned serial entrepreneur Taizo Son, will partner SPECTRUM

 First Mistletoe office in Asia outside of Japan based at SPECTRUM

Source: SPECTRUM. From left: Lee, Son, Chua.
Source: SPECTRUM. From left: Lee, Son, Chua.

SPECTRUM, a curated tech and innovation business club, has launched in Singapore. Co-founded by Cheryl Lee, a former Asia Managing Director at a private bank who also co-founded lifestyle group One Rochester, and Shirley Crystal Chua, Founder and CEO of Golden Equator, a group of Singapore businesses around finance, consulting, technology and innovation, the organisation aims to create a globally connected ecosystem by providing curated counsel, the right resources and strategic networks to businesses looking to springboard into Asia. 

SPECTRUM developed the tripartite partnership with Golden Equator and Mistletoe to bring together seven strategic groups – innovators, learning institutions, executors, backers, enablers, government agencies as well as ecosystem builders and partners to create synergised collaboration and pursue transformational initiatives. SPECTRUM’s international community and networks include key members from the seven strategic groups. 

These groups can empower fellow club members via access to enablement, validation, innovative ideas, capital, resources and strategic business networks. As an integral part of the offering, the SPECTRUM technology platform supercharges the connections between members both online and off. Beyond the human capital facilitating strategic business networks, the platform empowers members to collaborate and create true commercial value around the globe anytime and anywhere. 

The organisation has six focus sectors: financial, education, healthcare, fashion, food and housing. 

SPECTRUM will also welcome Mistletoe, a collective impact collective founded by Taizo Son, as a partner and one of its key resident members.
“Together with Golden Equator and Mistletoe, SPECTRUM wants to redefine how businesses can scale and grow. SPECTRUM curates an ecosystem that facilitates business-making across moments of a company’s growth journey, and we want to provide a powerful and accessible platform that is committed to empowering businesses of the future,” Lee said.

“Asia’s tremendous growth potential and momentum mean there are opportunities aplenty for companies old and new to innovate and succeed by being part of the right ecosystem with networks that could help grow their businesses in a meaningful way.”

As SPECTRUM’s key partner, Mistletoe will also base its first office in Asia outside of Japan at SPECTRUM. Taizo Son, its founder and a serial entrepreneur, was most recently appointed special advisor by Golden Equator.

“We decided to base Mistletoe’s first office in Asia outside of Japan at SPECTRUM because we are aligned in our strategic vision, along with Golden Equator, to revolutionise the business landscape and build an ecosystem through access, networks and connections,” Son said.

Since its launch, SPECTRUM has hosted a closed-door thought leadership roundtable discussion with technology and innovation industry leaders and a closed-door investor pitch session for its resident member C&R Healthcare’s eight Korean healthcare companies. The eight businesses connected with investors on potential investment, mentorship and guidance on strategic partnerships. 

Further into the year, SPECTRUM will develop more collaboration and partnership opportunities with government-level agencies in the region for its anchor member Golden Equator.