5 February 2018

Epson launches compact 15,000 lumens 3LCD laser projector

Source: Epson. Edge blending demonstrated using two 12,000-lumen high-brightness laser projectors with the latest ELPLX02 elbow lens.
Source: Epson. Edge blending demonstrated using two 12,000-lumen high-brightness laser projectors with the latest ELPLX02 elbow lens.

Epson, the No. 1 selling projector brand worldwide, has launched the 15,000-lumen EB-L1755UNL laser projector targeting the rental and staging market.

Tan May Lin, GM (Sales, Marketing and Customer Service division) of Epson Singapore said, “The projection landscape continues to evolve as new technologies and innovations become available. Today, projections are used as important communication tools, and industries are increasingly using projection in new applications, particularly for large venue installations. Specifically, the unique character of the rental and staging vertical has a huge potential growth for Epson as we launch more high lumens laser projectors.

"As a brand, we understand the emotional impact image quality has on projected visuals and we’ll continue to deliver next generation innovations to ensure that we meet the business needs of our customers.”

The new EB-L1755UNL is the most compact 15,000 lumens 3LCD laser projector in its class. It integrates inorganic 3LCD panels with an inorganic phosphor wheel to achieve superior light and heat resistance for outstanding image quality, reliability and durability.

With its laser light source, the EB-L1755UNL projector delivers bright colours for up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use, in WUXGA resolution. It also delivers 15,000 lumens of white and colour brightness.

Designed to operate 24x7, the EB-L1755UNL has improved dust resistance over older models and is ideal for applications requiring continuous projection, including events, storefronts, museums, digital signage and more. With a laser light source, the projectors reach maximum brightness in just under seven seconds.

The projector comes with an operating system that enables easy setup and control of geometry features for seamless projection, such as edge-blending, curve projection, corner wall projection, point correction, and quick cornering.

Features highlights include:

• 4K enhancement technology – viewers can experience intricate details. Pixel scaling technology shifts each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels to double the resolution to 3,840 x 2,160, surpassing Full HD quality.

• Auto image calibration – equipped with a built-in camera, the EB-L1755UNL is capable of calibrating and adjusting colour, uniformity and white balance automatically.

• Flexible projection – the projector can be rotated 360 degrees in any direction for off-axis positioning, and is fully tiltable for maximum installation flexibility.

• The projectors support HDBaseT and network projection.

Epson offers up to 11 different types of lenses which include the latest zero-offset ultra-short throw lens, the ELPLX02 that can display up to 1,000" in diagonal screen size at an extremely short throw ratio of 0.38. This range of lenses enables the projectors to be installed in conditions where available space is at a premium.

Additionally, they also come with remote camera access. The actual projection image can be monitored with an embedded camera for real-time troubleshooting.
Source: Epson Singapore. The new EB-L1755UNL projector.
Source: Epson Singapore. The new EB-L1755UNL projector.

One-chip sequential colour projectors use a rotating colour wheel that spins at a rapid speed and displays colours sequentially. For some users, this results in images displaying colour breakup or a rainbow effect. Epson’s projectors use a three-chip, solid-state optical engine to deliver bright, true-to-life colour, without colour breakup or rainbow effects. In fact, colours are up to three times brighter and the colour gamut three times wider than leading competitive one-chip projectors.