15 February 2018

Introducing the Xbox CosPups, based on the Chinese zodiac

Source: Xbox. The Xbox Cospups.
Source: Xbox. The Xbox Cospups.
For the Year of the Dog, Xbox has brought together the Xbox CosPups – a group of fluffy characters that bring Chinese zodiac traits to life through some of their biggest gaming worlds and heroes.

'Cospups' is a term used for dogs doing 'cosplay', or wearing costumes of characters from books, games and movies.

With names like Master Chihuahua, Sea of Fleas, Mutt-cus Fenix, Fur-za…and the tiny but mighty PUG-G, the Xbox CosPups are the result of a collaboration between Xbox and dog fashion designer, TV personality and gamer Roberto Negrin.

“The world of video games has brought us some of the most iconic characters in entertainment history – from the Master Chief to Marcus Fenix,” said Negrin. “The furry and fierce cast of the Xbox CosPups brought their game at the shoot, and we’ve transformed them with looks their in-game characters would envy!”


Meet the Xbox CosPups