5 March 2018

Rolls-Royce to launch Dawn Aero Cowling

Rolls-Royce will be launching the Dawn Aero Cowling* at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, which begins 8 MarchThis new Dawn design is the result of demand for enhanced flexibility and practicality for the drophead coupĂ©. 

The Aero Cowling transforms the classic four-seater boulevardier Dawn into a two-seater roadster-style car without sacrificing the option of an open-top luxury car, by creating an extended tonneau cover over the rear seat area. 

The Aero Cowling encloses the rear seat area of Dawn in a handmade unit that features two cowls that rise from the leading edge of the tonneau area, which conceals the Dawn hood, to behind each front seat. The cowls are sculpted to funnel the air to enhance driver comfort.

Each cowl offers enhanced lockable leather-lined storage compartments. The cover itself is made of carbon fibre and aluminium for both strength and light weight. The lids of the cowls are swathed in Rolls-Royce leather which matches the interior of the car.

The company will also be showcasing three bespoke Phantoms, the Phantom The Gentleman’s Tourer, the Phantom Whispered Muse and the Phantom A Moment in Time.

*An extended tonneau cover