1 January 2020

XWallet app to allow users to pay with Ethereum cryptocurrency

MEW, which offers tools providing a safe and user-friendly experience for interacting with all aspects of the Ethereum Blockchain and Pundi X, the Blockchain payments ecosystem connecting cryptocurrencies with the physical world, are enabling millions of users to pay with ETH for goods and services in 30 countries.

The two companies are providing a savings-like account as a new feature on XWallet from PundiX. XWallet is a mobile app available in 30 countries that connects regular digital asset wallets with users' payments ecosystem. Via technology from MEW Connect, which brings the benefits of a hardware wallet to the mobile phone, XWallet users now have a savings account which gives them full access and control of private keys in a secure way. This allows users to make instant payments online or offline via physical stores.

The app is supported within the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions in Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the UAE.