1 March 2020

Singtel TV debuts Stories from Our Little Red Dot

Source: Singtel.
Stories from Our Little Red Dot (走进小红点), a series of original, Singapore-created short-form content in Chinese, premieres on Singtel TV on 1 March 2020.

The series, comprising nine stories told over 81 episodes, will feature unique perspectives on Singapore’s heritage and real-life inspirational stories, some of which have never been told before.

Debuting on Singtel TV’s Jia Le channel (channel 502), Stories from Our Little Red Dot can be enjoyed by all Singaporeans on the Singtel TV GO mobile app for free, without a subscription. The bite-sized Singapore stories, produced by nine local production houses, were commissioned by Singtel TV and supported by the IMDA’s Public Service Broadcast Contestable Funds Scheme (PCFS) as part of Public Service Broadcast (PSB) content to celebrate Singapore’s culture and national identity.

Airing every Saturday and Sunday at 8.45 pm, Stories from Our Little Red Dot will kick off on 1 March with culinary series Vanishing Flavour (寻味) on 1 March, followed by Sky High (壮志凌云) featuring 10 local entrepreneurs beginning 14 March, then heritage series The Past Tells Its Own Stories (很久很久以前) on 29 March.

The themes covered are very different: Vanishing Flavour uncovers the stories behind nostalgic dishes like Hakka mugwort kueh, Hainanese salt-and-pepper mooncake, and Eurasian putugal* as well as fast-disappearing traditions from Singapore’s multiethnic foodscape.

Sky High follows pioneers of new and innovative businesses such as cleaning robot maker LionsBot, and remote medical consultation service Doctor Anywhere.

The Past Tells Its Own Stories, on the other hand, brings to life Singapore of the 1920s and 30s. It portrays the lives of early immigrants who worked as coolies, performers, businessmen and cab drivers.

Stories from Our Little Red Dot also stars Singapore's favourite local actors and actresses. In May, actor Li Nanxing personally cooks for social service volunteers in Nanxing’s Cook Off (爱星料理); while in June, actor Benjamin Heng goes in search of wildlife in Garden City Explorers (花城探索者). In August, artistes Jeremy Chan and Michelle Tay hunt for urban relics of significance in By the Way (路过不错过); while actress Kate Pang leads a discussion of parenting trends in Really, Ma? (真的,妈?) in September.

*A dessert where grated cassava, coconut milk and banana are wrapped with banana leaves and steamed.