7 April 2020

Fitch Learning partners Golden Education to offer quantitative finance certificate in China

Fitch Learning has engaged Golden Education, a Chinese financial education provider, to offer the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) to professionals across the country. The CQF is increasingly recognised in China, with enrolment by Chinese delegates growing 55% in 2019 over 2018.

The CQF consists of six modules, two chosen advanced electives, three exams and a final project. Quantitative finance uses mathematical modelling to analyse financial markets and securities. Two of the modules concern data science and machine learning. More than 5,000 professionals in over 90 countries worldwide have completed the programme. 

“The CQF is highly sought-after by financial institutions including hedge funds, quantitative or artificial intelligence (AI)-driven money managers seeking skill sets ranging from algorithmic trading, risk management and programming. The programme is for anyone who wants an efficient and cost effective way to develop practical mastery of quant finance and machine learning, while earning a globally-recognised qualification,” said Dr Randeep Gug, MD – Public Courses and CQF, Fitch Learning. 

“We are pleased to expand our footprint in China and play a major role in the country’s professional training and development. We hope our training will close the skills gap in China and significantly raise the career mobility of those working in finance, business, engineering and sciences,” said Andreas Karaiskos, CEO, Fitch Learning.

Part of Fitch Group, Fitch Learning delivers learning and development solutions for the financial services industry. In the APME region, it has centres in Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong. 


Apply for the course. The qualification may be earned part-time online. Students may take up to three years to complete their studies.