About WorkSmart Asia

About WorkSmart Asia

The WorkSmart Asia Backgrounder, Blog Profile and Editorial Calendar 2023

WorkSmart Asia is about news, trends, products and services that impact people in a business environment in the APME regions. Central Asia is occasionally featured. The blog was begun as a companion to TechTrade Asia, an outlet for news, trends and other insights in Asia Pacific and Middle East (APME) information and communications technology.

This blog covers news and trends that may be of interest to people working in offices of any size, including startups and micro businesses. It also covers lifestyle matters in the professional context.

I blog for instance about:

  • What events colleagues may want to attend together or invite customers and partners to (concerts, runs, charity fund-raisers, lunch promotions)
  • What events companies might want to sponsor, and corporate gifts
  • What might useful information for MICE organisers (dining, venues, events, travel, accommodation, tourism)
  • What impacts a professional personally (beauty, fragrances, fashion, health and fitness, literature, further education, management, public transportation, cars, business travel)
  • What may impact business success (consumer trends, business trends, economic conditions, grants, training)

I am open to a wide range of other topics so long as I can find a relevant angle. Government decisions, industry rankings, business and market trends may also appear here. Kids and kitchens are challenging, sorry. That said, I can blog about managing work-life balances, childcare options and how to monitor the home while at work, and pantry equipment.

As resources are limited this blog is not likely to be first with the news, nor will it provide a comprehensive overview for the small business or professional reader. Editorially, you might say WorkSmart Asia provides an eclectic perspective to help working individuals succeed.

Target Audience

WorkSmart Asia is targeted at those who work in an office environment, entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses.

Although there is an option for receiving stories by email on the site, this is third-party technology and I don't get details of these readers, hence am unable to provide a breakdown of the demographics of readers beyond the overviews that Google Analytics provides (please ask).

This Singapore-based blog is updated at least once a fortnight. Mondays are the best days to visit, though there are often additions over the week.


Links to blog posts and related content may appear in social media. WorkSmart Asia has a loosely-affiliated Facebook page for Singapore-related information, Singapore Recommends. Tech-related news used to be shared on the TechLife Asia social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram).

Editorial Calendar

Seasonally, I am interested in blogging about corporate promotions and events related to New Year's Day, Chinese New Year, Earth Hour, Earth Day, Secretaries' Day (Administrative Professionals' Day), Ramadhan, Eid (Hari Raya), the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Christmas.

The following are major themes:

Chinese New Year
Focus: Corporate gifts*, promotions, events, venues, meals
Deadline: Mid-December of the year before
Target publication date: Two weeks ahead of the 1st day of Chinese New Year

Focus: Promotions for office decor, events, charity drives, meals, Eid gifts
Request for information: A month before Ramadhan begins
Deadline: Two weeks before Eid begins for Eid promotions
Target publication date: Two weeks ahead of the 1st day of Ramadhan, and week before Eid

Mid-Autumn Festival
Focus: Mooncakes
Request for information: Middle of the lunar 6th month
Deadline: Middle of the lunar 7th month
Target publication date: Beginning of the lunar 8th month

Focus: Personal gift guide, corporate gifts, products for the office, festive promotions, events, venues, meals
Request for information: Early October
Deadline: Mid-November
Target publication date: Early December

Business model

I do not work on the blog full-time.

There is no charge for coverage from press releases or events that I have attended. There is no charge for appearances. I don't do interviews, nor take in contributed content.

Rate card 2023

I do not have a formal media kit or rate card since coverage is free at this time.

What I can do

I'm based in Singapore, and happy to accept press releases by email for consideration. I cover events in person occasionally, but outside of work hours. I do visit the wires and the newsrooms of various companies on occasion as well. The blogging process for WorkSmart Asia is explained here.

Content from anywhere in Asia, the Pacific or the Middle East is welcome.

The number of press releases and invitations to press events that I receive grows every year. There is basically no way I can feature that many announcements, so no promises. Coverage depends on a combination of relevance, timing, and whether I have the time to blog. Events that I cover in person do get priority, but coverage again depends on relevance.

Press releases which are a week old or more are unlikely to be featured, though I sometimes queue posts for a future date. Besides the bandwidth challenge, this could also be because there are too many posts about the same company or the same type of content (surveys, case studies etc) appearing in the same week. Please note that posts may be updated with pictures and links etc after publication.

Blogger profile & contact

I've created tech, B2B and B2C content for publications, public relations and and content/digital marketing. Please email me at tangjoy (at) gmail (dot) com and feel free to send a WhatsApp message thereafter - details are in my email signature.

Disclaimer and privacy

The author includes news, trends, goods, and services in this blog, sister blogs and associated social media accounts as information which may be of interest to others. It is assumed in good faith that the entities and/or advice mentioned are genuine organisations offering bona fide services that may be relevant to readers. Any conclusions made that lead to activities undertaken as a result of the information provided are at readers' own risk.

Blogger.com and Google Analytics do capture data about visitor behaviour. The data provides anonymised insights about viewership and the popularity of various blog posts. Any additional information requested, whether personally identifiable or otherwise, is not part of the blog structure and readers provide it at their own risk. This blog provides links to third parties. Any information requested by those links does not belong to this blog, and this blog should not be liable for any outcomes that occur as a result.


If you would like to share my blog posts or quote from them, please include a link back to the blog.

Registered trademarks belong to their owners. I retain the copyright to opinions added or edits that I have made to information provided by third parties.

The link for this page is: http://worksmartasia.blogspot.sg/p/about-this-blog.html