16 November 2022

Special-edition Pokémon-themed accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G, Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and Galaxy Watch5 Series

Samsung Electronics will be bringing a special-edition range of Pokémon-themed accessories for the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G, Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and Galaxy Watch5 Series to Singapore.

Inspired by Pokémon from the Kanto region, the collection features the beloved characters as well as the iconic red-and-white Poké Ball.

Source: Samsung. Pokémon-themed accessories for the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G, Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and Galaxy Watch5 Series.

The Pokémon Cover with Ring for Galaxy Z Flip4 5G boasts four 'starter' Pokémon characters, including Pikachu and Bulbasaur. The cover is also embellished with Poké Balls. The silicone casing protects the smartphone against bumps and scratches and has a ring on the back for a more secure grip and easier handling.

The Poké Ball Cover for Galaxy Buds2 Pro is literally a Poké Ball that houses a set of Galaxy Buds2 Pro. It is also compatible with the Galaxy Buds2, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Buds Pro.

To complete the look as trainers, consumers can change out their Galaxy Watch5 strap with the Poké Ball Watch Strap for Galaxy Watch5.


The Pokémon-themed collection will be available in Singapore from 23 November, exclusively through the Samsung Online Store and Samsung Experience Stores.

Samsung Singapore will also be offering limited-time promotions* from 23 November to 30 November. Consumers who purchase the Galaxy Buds2 Pro (S$328) will receive a complimentary Galaxy Buds2 Pokémon Cover Edition (worth S$58).

*While stocks last.


Recommended Retail Price (incl. GST)

Pokémon Cover with Ring for Galaxy Z Flip4


Poké Ball Cover for Galaxy Buds2 Pro


Poké Ball Watch Strap for Galaxy Watch5


Plant-based meat market sees 17% CAGR through to 2027

UnivDatos Markets Insights has forecast that the plant-based meat market will grow at a CAGR of over 17% from 2021-2027. Global plant-based meat sales are expected to reach around US$85 B by 2030, compared to US$5 B in 2018. 

The research firm further expects that plant-based products will account for 10% of global meat consumption within the next five years while conventional meat becomes less popular. UnivDatos Markets Insights said that the supply of conventional meat products would fall by more than 50% by 2040.

COVID-19 created increased awareness about man's impact on the environment, the company said, and has driven government policies on climate change. Consumers stockpiled food during COVID lockdowns, selling 231% more fresh plant-based products in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. IRI data analysed by The Good Food Institute also registered 454% growth in the sales of plant-based meat over this period.

Soy-based meat is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period due to its protein-rich content. By type, plant-based chicken leads the market followed by plant-based beef. In terms of format, plant-based burger patties dominated the market in 2020 because of their low fat and gluten content, and are expected to maintain their dominance throughout the forecast period.

Although North America dominated the market in 2020, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to witness the highest CAGR growth during the forecast period.

Major players mentioned in the report include:

- Alpha Foods
- Amy's Kitchen
- Beyond Meat
- Hooray Foods
- Impossible Foods
- Maple Leaf Foods
- Morningstar Farms
- Quorn Foods
- The Vegetarian Butcher
- Tofurky


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10 November 2022

Slack: Job stability, security as important as salary for talent retention

Source: Slack infographic. More than half of all Singapore knowledge workers feel burned out, with nearly half thinking of changing jobs in 2023.
Source: Slack infographic. More than half of all Singapore knowledge workers feel burned out, with nearly half thinking of changing jobs in 2023.

Talent retention is going to be rocky going forward. The impact of the pandemic, the uncertain economic environment, and the burnout experienced by over half of Singaporean knowledge workers in the last year, have irrevocably changed what employees want from their leaders, according to new Slack research*.

The study, Leadership and the war for talent, based on a survey of over 1,000 Singaporean knowledge workers, found that Singaporeans now value stability and job security (53%) more than salary (40%) when it comes to choosing the company they work for; while having a good manager (31%) was almost as much of a consideration as salary.

Survey respondents also identified teamwork and collaboration, transparent and trustworthy leadership, flexible work, and employee wellbeing as the four biggest factors in driving organisational success - all of these factors are valued more highly than financial achievement. When it comes to flexible working, over two-thirds of Singaporeans want to be trusted to do their job regardless of location or the hours worked.

With nearly one in two Singaporean knowledge workers considering moving jobs in the next year, and 16% admitting to ‘quiet quitting’ - fulfilling the requirements of their job but not going above and beyond - it’s critical for leaders to act, Slack said. The company advises that leaders ensure their own leadership style will impact employee engagement and motivation negatively. This means:

- Focusing more on soft or ‘power’ skills - human-centred, interpersonal skills related to areas such as collaboration, social and emotional intelligence; 

- Analysing the time employees are spending on unproductive tasks; 

- Exploring ways to elevate productivity with collaborative technology; and 

- Figuring out how to meet the varying expectations of employees from different generations, who prefer to work in different ways.

Shweta Verma, Country Manager, Singapore, Slack said, “The reality is that many Singaporean professionals are burnt out. Leaders have an obligation to address this – not least for the wellbeing of their employees, but also to drive the productivity of their organisations. As we continue to go through one of the biggest workplace experiments of the century - moving from physical offices to digital headquarters - it’s critical that employers demonstrate sound, positive leadership. By harnessing collaborative technology at scale, and engaging employees in ways that best suit them, leaders can help drive productivity and a happier, more engaged workforce.” 

Poor leadership leads to burnout, quiet quitting

Slack’s research draws a clear link between poor leadership and a dip in employee morale and productivity. Only half of Singaporean professionals say they feel inspired by their leaders, and the same number find their leaders “stuck in their ways of working.”

‘Quiet quitting’ is strongly linked to poor leadership as well – over half (51%) of those who ‘quiet quit’ reported having poor leaders.

According to the study, employees with poor or average leaders feel they have much less of a voice, and less control and autonomy over their work. Additionally, they reported more of a disconnect between leaders and employees, and reported culture feeling more forced. 

Collaborative technology as potential ‘power tools’ for boosting leadership

The Slack study showed a strong correlation between those respondents that hold their leaders in high regard and those whose leaders embrace the use of collaborative technology. Interestingly, these respondents were also identified as feeling highly connected to their organisations. Contrastingly, those who deemed their leaders as technology laggards in this area say they are more likely to quit their job.

Nearly two-thirds of Singaporean knowledge workers saw collaboration tools as enabling them to be productive, among other benefits. These include being able to free up time by automating work, getting information to the right people quickly, speeding up the implementation of projects, improving communication with leadership, prioritising tasks, and achieving faster feedback loops. 

The real reason Singaporean knowledge workers don’t have enough hours in the day

The potential value of collaboration tools on organisational success becomes more pronounced, Slack said, when looking at the amount of non-productive time that Singaporean knowledge workers say they are spending on routine and often mundane tasks.

For example, nearly a third of respondents feel that it takes them too long to find information internally, and that internal processes take up too much of their day. A similar number find that communicating across the company, within big teams and across time zones is slow due to delayed responses. Where this is the case, around a quarter of this group say they are spending over an hour a day on these activities, which can be accelerated through collaboration technology. 

Mind the generation gap

The survey shows significant generational differences in employees in Singapore in terms of what they expect from their leaders, making it clear that people management is not a one-size-fits-all.

Gen Z are the most concerned with wellbeing, having a highly social culture and desiring empathetic leaders. While they are more likely to be inspired by leadership, they are the most likely to switch jobs.

Millennials also want a focus on wellbeing, transparent and trustworthy leadership, and a great employee experience. They are the most likely to feel a disconnect between leaders and employees, and have the highest levels of job dissatisfaction. This group leans in most to the use of collaboration tools.

Gen X places the greatest importance on flexibility, transparent and trustworthy leadership, and are the least concerned with wellbeing. They want their employers to have a consistent purpose, supported by robust processes. They are the least interested in technology and innovation.

Baby Boomers are middle of the road on most things, but are particularly favourable towards having robust processes, clear KPIs and accountability frameworks, and to have a clear level of autonomy in work.

Cooling down the burnout

The research also showed some clear differentiation between what Singaporean knowledge workers across different industries are feeling and looking for:

IT and technology: Respondents from the tech sector gave the highest scores to their managers for being competent and communicating well. Although not inspirational, IT leaders are seen to lead by example. Perhaps, as a result, IT workers are less likely to feel burned out, Slack suggested.

Financial services: Notably much less focused on teamwork, collaboration and wellbeing as being the keys to success, respondents from the banking sector were the most likely to want more meaning in their job. They also reported some of the highest rates of burnout, dissatisfaction and quiet quitting.

Retail: Singapore’s retail knowledge workers seem to be more positive than their peers in other industries right now. Half (51%) say they feel strongly about doing the right thing by their employer and are happy to go “above and beyond”. At 42%, retail also has the lowest proportion of workers who say they’ve felt burned out during the past 12 months.

Government: There seems to be a significant opportunity in Singapore’s government sector to tap into the benefits of collaborative technology, Slack notes. More than half (56%) of government employees say that email is still their primary method of communication with customers and partners - a proportion significantly higher than other industries in the survey. Government workers are also more likely to be working from a mix of home and office environments, with around two-thirds (67%) saying they are working this way.

A new perspective on the office

While employees are increasingly working from home, the office environment is still valued, the Slack study found. When asked what they felt the office was best suited for, Singaporean knowledge workers cited team building, social connection, collaboration and brainstorming, and one-on-one/development meetings. Activities like progress updates, company town halls, learning programmes and knowledge sharing sessions were perceived as less critical if they are held in an office. This suggests that a lot of time can be potentially saved by conducting these activities virtually, using collaborative technology.


Read the Leadership and the war for talent report.

*Slack’s new research, conducted by Honeycomb Strategy, was based on responses from 1,000+ Singaporean knowledge workers within organisations of 100+ employees.

This is the second iteration of this Slack research in Singapore, with The Reinvention of Work study carried out in October 2021. The Slack State of Work report, a global survey including 1,000 Singaporean knowledge workers, is similar research that was carried out by GlobalWebIndex in March 2020, prior to the pandemic.

ACN, MENA Cargo to offer boosted services in GCC

The Asia Cargo Network (ACN) group, a Southeast Asian air cargo charter services provider, has partnered with Bahrain’s MENA Aerospace to facilitate its global expansion. Under the terms of the agreement, ACN will base six of its cargo planes in Bahrain and the GCC to serve the MENA region, as well as destinations served from MENA.

Operations will be conducted under the MENA Cargo brand, the freight cargo subsidiary of MAE. The deployment shall be over the next 18 months, with the first of its six aircraft due to arrive within the next two months, beginning operations immediately thereafter. ACN’s aircraft and MEA’s existing Boeing 737-300 converted freighter will comprise the operational fleet within the region.

The operations will be fully managed by ACN moving forward. It holds an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) in Bahrain which allows for the expansion of routes to the MENA region.

ACN has a regional and international presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and with this strategic alliance, the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. The company owns three regional airlines, Asia Cargo Airlines, World Cargo Airlines and RGA Airlines.

MENA Cargo was established in 2020 and was awarded an AOC by Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA) department in 2021. Bahrain-based MENA Cargo provides scheduled as well as charter air cargo services across underserved markets in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

8 November 2022

Christmas feast with an Asian twist at the Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

Source: Holiday Inn. The festive buffet spread at Window on the Park.
Source: Holiday Inn. The festive buffet spread at Window on the Park.

Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre is launching into the Christmas season with an Asian twist to its festive menu. This year, Executive Chef Chen Wei Chung and the culinary dream team have unlocked a buffet spread at Window on the Park with East-meets-West dishes from Korea, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe from 18 November 2022 until 2 January 2023.

Well known for its buffet spread of fresh seafood and Asian highlights, Window on the Park is a halal-certified restaurant that offers festive indulgence at affordable prices:

Festive buffet at Window on the Park

The merriment kicks off with a buffet that includes honey and citrus glazed ‘ham’, traditional whole baked chicken, and roasted beef tomahawk. Prepared with whole spices to bring out the essential oils, the tomahawk is then roasted to lock in the flavours while keeping the meat extra juicy. This seasonal dish is only available on festive days such as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as well as New Year’s Eve and New Year's Day.

Chef Chen has also prepared festive favourites such as chicken and chestnut stuffing, sautéed buttered carrot cello***, and roasted salmon fillet with crushed baby potato and salmoriglio*. The Asian-inspired Christmas delights continue with grilled chicken thigh with mustard Mongolian sauce and the new star introduction of a whole baked chicken with bulgugi sauce. This Korean-inspired recipe is prepared with spiced honey sauce and bulgugi sauce, the Korean fermented chilli paste. The chicken is also served with an assortment of lettuce and vegetable banchan (sides), an essential for most Korean dining.

Christmas desserts include the Opalys** mango calamansi log cake delivering a blend of mango and vanilla. The raspberry pistachio log cake is raspberry-infused sponge cake sandwiched between nutty cream, generously flavoured with pistachio. The Holiday Inn's traditional signature chocolate log cake and the all-time Christmas favourite, Christmas fruit cake, are also available.

Festive high tea

Try the citrus & fresh dill Norwegian salmon mayo in Choux Puff, Beef Pastrami with pickles on Bread, and the baked mince fruit pie. The sweets include coconut citrus mint, Orelys** Coffee tart, and scones. Two types of scones are offered, traditional scones and Cranberry Scones, both served with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Festive deliveries & Takeaways (18 November 2022 – 2 January 2023) 

Selections from the Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre's Christmas menu can be delivered right to your door. Beef Wellington, tender filet mignon wrapped in puff pastry, the traditional whole baked Chicken and whole Baked Chicken with bulgugi sauce, can all be packaged for deliveries and takeaways. An assortment of Christmas cookies including gingerbread are also on sale.

The traditional whole baked turkey and Whole Baked Turkey with bulgugi sauce are prepared separately and available only for deliveries and takeaways, as turkey is not a halal item.


Window on the Park: Level 2, open daily

  • Lunch: 12 pm to 2.30 pm
  • High Tea: 12 pm to 5pm. Each high Tea session is capped at a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Dinner: 6 pm to 10 pm

Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, 11 Cavenagh Road, Singapore 229616

Festive Buffet Weekday Lunch (Monday to Friday) | 18 November 2022 – 2 January 2023 

S$58++ Adult 

Festive Buffet Weekend Lunch (Saturday to Sunday) | 18 November 2022 – 2 January 2023 

S$78++ Adult

Festive Buffet Weekday Dinner (Monday to Thursday) | 18 November 2022 – 2 January 2023

S$68++ Adult

Festive Buffet Weekend Dinner (Friday to Sunday) | 18 November 2022 – 2 January 2023

S$78++ Adult

Festive Buffet Dinner (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) | 24 December 2022 – 25 December 2022 

S$88++ Adult

Festive Buffet Dinner (New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day) | 31 December 2022 – 1 January 2022 

S$88++ Adult 

Festive High Tea | 18 November 2022 – 2 January 2023

S$80++ Adult 

For reservations, orders and enquiries, please call +65 6730 0115 or email wop.hisinorchard@ihg.com.

*A south Italian condiment made of lemon juice and olive oil, plus garlic, salt, and herbs.

**Opalys is a white chocolate with low sugar content and Orelys is a blond chocolate made with Muscovado sugar. Both chocolates come from Valhrona.

***Cello carrots are wider at the top and taper more towards the bottom than the average carrot.

31 October 2022

PICO 4 VR headset arrives in Singapore

Source: PICO. The PICO 4 VR headset.
Source: PICO. The PICO 4 VR headset.

PICO, a virtual reality (VR) company with independent innovation and R&D creation capabilities, has launched the PICO 4 VR headset in Singapore. The device was revealed globally in September 2022.

The VR market in Asia Pacific is expected to reach US$16.6 billion by 2026, with Singapore alone seeing a CAGR of 10.46% from 2022 to 2027. PICO's official entry into Singapore will cater directly to this fast-growing market by providing a full suite of services for the PICO 4, with the aim of making the VR experience more accessible to all. This includes a dedicated PICO team based in Singapore, comprising on-the-ground customer service experts, official agents, and mainstream retail partners, like Singtel.

"We are incredibly excited to finally bring PICO's technology to Singapore with the launch of our all-in-one virtual reality headset, PICO 4. With our cutting-edge offerings and local presence, we hope to continue driving the development of the VR industry in Singapore and provide local consumers with VR experiences that seamlessly fit with their lifestyles," said Allen An, Regional Director of PICO Southeast Asia.

"To give consumers more opportunities to enjoy PICO's VR technology, we will also provide best-in-class customer care on-the-ground, and collaborate closely with local partners such as Singtel to add value to our customers."

PICO has partnered leading telecommunications technology and digital services provider Singtel to combine the PICO 4 experience with Singapore's most powerful 5G and fibre broadband network.

Shared Diana Chen, MD, Customer Value of Singtel: “As Singapore’s leading communications technology and digital services provider, we seek to push new boundaries in innovation and experience with VR. The high-speed connectivity and ultra-low latency offered by WiFi 6 and 5G enables compelling visuals to be rendered closer to the end-user, creating more realistic and engaging experiences. Through this strategic partnership with PICO, we look forward to helping VR get adopted at scale and transforming consumer experiences across a variety of sectors."

The PICO 4 headset is designed so that weight is evenly distributed, providing stable, yet comfortable, gameplay. The upgraded optical sensors and six degrees of freedom (6DoF) touch controllers with all-round sensors also ensure that every movement made is swift, intuitive, and seamless. The VR headset runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, and has a 4K+ level 90 Hz display, proprietary pancake optical lens, and a 105° ultra-wide field of view.

A suite of over 130 applications that span fitness, gaming, cinematic adventures, and social platforms provide users with instant utility.


From 31 October to 6 November, consumers in Singapore can head down to Basement 2 at Funan Mall to get a firsthand experience of PICO 4. Those interested can also register to participate in game challenges from 4 November to 6 November, and stand a chance to win a PICO 4 headset.


From 1 November 2022, the PICO 4 128 GB and 256 GB will be available for purchase at S$499 and S$599 respectively online on TikTok Shop, Shopee and Lazada. Consumers can also purchase the PICO 4 at all Singtel Shops and Singtel Exclusive Retailers islandwide from S$499.

To give consumers in Singapore greater access to the next generation of VR, PICO will be offering exclusive VR packages, supported by its Wifi 6 and 5G network starting 31 October:

- The PICO 4 (128GB) is available free with new signups or re-contracting of the Singtel 2Gbps WiFi 6 Mesh Fibre plan at S$72.90/month*.

- The PICO 4 (choice of 128 GB or 256 GB versions) is available free with a subscription to the Singtel XO Plus 68 plan and above*.

Existing Singtel customers can purchase the PICO 4 under Singtel PayLater interest-free instalment plans.

Consumers who purchase the PICO 4 headset from any official merchant will also receive up to four free games, namely After The Fall, OhShape, All-In-One Sport, and Down To The Rabbit Hole as gifts. This promotion, worth S$142.96, will run from now till 31 January 2023. Those that purchase a PICO 4 headset before 15 November 2022 will also stand a chance to receive six additional free games worth S$189.44, including Wand Alliance, LesMilles: Body Combat, In Death: Unchained, A Fisherman's Tale, Multi-Brush, and Puzzling Places**.

*T&Cs apply to the promotions described. For more information, visit PICO 4 | Singtel.

**While supplies last. PICO 4 is distributed by Raduga.