27 January 2014

Criteo offers mobile solution to display advertisements within apps

Want to advertise on those smartphones and tablets that everyone has their noses glued to? Sounds easy enough, but it turns out that mobile users are spending much of their time in specific apps like email or Facebook than on the mobile web according to research firm Flurry, leading to significantly fewer opportunities for advertisers to display their ads to a target audience.

Criteo, which specialises in performance display advertising, has addressed this challenge with the beta release of a mobile in-app performance display advertising solution that could provide businesses with a cost effective, performance driven solution to engage and convert mobile users.

“According to recent studies*, mobile users spend more than 80 percent of their mobile device time in applications, while the remaining 20 percent is spent on the mobile web. The biggest challenge for our clients is uncovering an effective way to drive engagement through their mobile app after it’s already installed. 

"Criteo’s mobile solution sets itself apart from other approaches by going beyond basic audience and demographic targeting to offer a performance-based advertising solution displaying highly relevant ads to users and deep-links back to their specific product recommendation, helping drive sales and conversions," said Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer, Criteo.

Criteo’s product combines real-time customer behaviour with the advertiser’s own product catalogue and creative content. Personalised, dynamic banners are generated in real-time
to maximise conversions.

Rocket Internet, a Germany-headquartered incubator with offices in Asia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea and the Philippines, is a Criteo customer.
Steven Post, Head of Mobile Marketing, Rocket Internet said, “The cost of user acquisition on mobile continues to skyrocket, which is why we have a very specific and aggressive return on ad spend (ROAS) that we aim to achieve. By leveraging Criteo’s mobile in-app performance display ad solution we’re able to re-activate and engage our mobile app users with a personalised ad aimed at helping them complete their retail purchase.”

*Flurry Five-Year Report: It’s an App World. The Web Just Lives in It, Flurry Blog, April 3, 2013