28 January 2014

The best answers to Glassdoor's top 25 oddball interview questions

Glassdoor has compiled the 25 weirdest interview questions of 2014, and invited members to offer answers. While odd questions often have no correct answer, or even an answer, they can often give some insights into the way a job candidate thinks, especially on his or her feet. 

How candidates react - with hostility, humour, making a long list of possibilities or stuttering into silence, may show whether they have any general knowledge that the job might require; how much they want the job, and whether they can talk themselves acceptably out of a difficult situation.

Asked during an interview for an Apple Specialist:  
If you were a pizza deliveryman how would you benefit from scissors?

A top-rated answer: 
Being able to cut the coupons off for the customer that are usually stuck to the box.

Two humourous answers: 
To gently cut my way to the CEO for an interview which I SHALL get!
It would keep me from running (an allusion to the 'runs with scissors' phrase that describes people who may be reckless).

Asked during an interview for an Airbnb Content Manager
How lucky are you, and why?

A top-rated answer
Studies have shown that what we call "luck" often boils down to the ability to notice an opportunity. Being alert, engaged, and creative is what lets you find and create those opportunities that others may have missed. I've never gotten more than $5 from a lotto scratcher, but I'm a very lucky person.

A motivated answer: 
I don't believe in luck-I believe in effort!

Asked during an interview for a Dell Account Manager
Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

A top-rated answer
Hunters are "designed" to stay focused for a long time on a single task and to do it well, gatherers are capable of multitasking but they don't go deep into their tasks . So I guess the answer depends on the job description.

An answer showing how the candidate views his or her position within the team, or possibly thinking out of the box:
Neither, I'm the chief.

Asked during an interview for a Yahoo Search Quality Analyst: 
If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?

Two top-rated answers:
1) A fully equipped and provisioned yacht, a nice 100 foot model, something I can land a helicopter on.
2) A helicopter to land on my yacht.
3) My lovely wife.

1) Iron Man Suit.
2) Not necessary. I have an Iron Man Suit.
3) Not necessary. I have an Iron Man Suit. 

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