12 February 2014

PR veteran publishes book on the lighter side of expat life in China

If you have colleagues preparing to relocate to China or are considering the possibility yourself, it may be worth seeking out The Lighter Side of China, a compilation of 2012 "Lighter Side of China" columns from thebeijinger.com written by Scott Kronick, a 19-year China veteran businessman and President and CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations, Asia Pacific

The book reveals the everyday experiences that expats may face when living in China, and includes useful observations on 'Holiday Traditions,' 'FengShui,' and 'Brands and Their Copies'. 

Jaime FlorCruz, longtime China watcher and correspondent said, "Kudos to Beijing old-timer Scott Kronick for his personal chronicle of living in China.  It's instructive and comic, often at his expense. It's at times sardonic and at times moving, but always genuine."

James McGregor, author of One Billion Customers added, "Scott Kronick is a keen observer and insightful adventurer who through two decades in China has never lost the sense of humor and sunny soul he arrived with. With this collection of personal stories Scott grabs your hand and takes you for an intimate and affectionate stroll across the foreigner-living-in-China landscape."

"Of all the business, political and travel books that have been written on China, few have explained the nuances of everyday life. That is what I have tried to do in a fun and entertaining format," commented Kronick. 

"The Lighter Side of China" is now available in China at The Bookworm in Beijing, airport bookstores, Shanghai Foreign Languages Bookstores and online booksellers including amazon.cn, dangdang.com and Tmall.com (Shanghai Foreign Languages Bookstore shop).