3 March 2014

Deep linking gains mobile milestone

Deep links, which deliver potential customers directly to the point of purchase, maximising conversion rates for online sales, may work better than traditional search engine techniques for gaining real customers. 

A study conducted by Lotlinx, a deep-linking inventory platform for the auto industry, and released in late January 2014, found that deep-linking delivers twice as many real shoppers and twice the shopping engagement of traditional search engine marketing campaigns.

In the mobile space, Criteo,TapCommerce and ActionX have just shared a specification and best practices guide to support deep-linking within mobile applications. 

“We have seen deep linking drive significant performance improvements for our retail, travel, and media subscription clients. Guiding consumers to the most relevant section of an app from an ad is a huge marketing win, and this new standard makes it easy for app developers big and small to drive more revenue,” explains Evan Schwartz, CEO, ActionX, which provides tools that drive mobile revenue.
Source: Mobile Deeplinking Project website
The Mobile Deeplinking Project aims to provide consistent, high-quality resources to help mobile app publishers create effective, seamless cross-media user experiences and marketing campaigns. According to the Mobile Deeplinking Project, deep linking in the mobile context is a methodology for launching a native mobile application via a link, and can connect unique links to a defined action in a mobile app, seamlessly linking users to relevant content.