16 March 2014

Expatstoday offers essential tips for Gulf expats

Source: Expatstoday
A new portal targeted at expats wants your eyeballs. Would-be expats expecting to relocate to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & the UAE can check out living conditions in the Gulf countries on the Expatstoday website.

According to the company, the information it carries is as secure, relevant and reliable as possible. The pages for individual countries for the Gulf are fairly well-populated, indicating an existing community, but pages for other countries seem quite new, often with no listings in a number of categories. 

Source: Expatstoday website

The sections available include:
  • Secure job exchange portal - job seekers can feature their profiles while employers can list job requirements. 
  • Accommodation for rent - Accommodation profiles from owners who are open to expats as tenants.  
  • Used cars - Details include what documentation is needed from expats, and the procedures to conclude a transaction successfully.
  • Furniture and household items  
  • Household and essential service providers - Look for home cleaners, painting, gardening, exterminators and similar services here.  
As with all communities, the success of Expatstoday will depend on how active individual members are and whether there are enough listings to make it worth visiting over and over again. There is definitely some level of utility for the GCC countries, and it could well extend in future to the pages for the rest of the world.