24 March 2014

Power for outdoor events

Power always seems to be a problem when organizing outdoor events. A China company has come up with a compact power system that generates the power from the wind and the sun. 
Source: Chengdu IDing website, featuring the Red Dot award

Called the Portable Wind Solar Complementary System and a winner of the Best of the Best Red Dot Design Awards 2013, Portable Wind Solar Complementary System harnesses wind energy and solar energy to generate power. 

The sides of the storage unit fold out to form a stable base, to which the solar panels and the wind generator are fixed. Designed by Luo WanLan, He Cheng, Peng Tao, Xiong Xiong, and Zhang WenJun of Chengdu IDing Industrial Design, the wind turbine has a rated output of 400W while the solar panels have an output of 90W. 

More details are shared here.